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Culture Analysis and Its Application in Business in Mexico - Essay Example

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This study mainly highlights the culture of Mexico and its impact on the varied individual aspects namely food habits, clothing styles, customs, ethical issues, languages, religious, family life and so on. It also depicts the influence of culture on the business environment of Mexico as well…
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Culture Analysis and Its Application in Business in Mexico
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Download file to see previous pages There are varied elements of culture which differentiates it from one another. Thus, culture envelopes each individual and tends to deal with every aspect of an individual life (Storey, 2006). This is basically due to the fact that culture is an organized approach rather than a random happening. Thus, it can be inferred that the individual recognitions, identifications, assumptions, assessments and considerations are anticipated from cultural beliefs and norms. Hence, it can be affirmed from the above discussion that culture is ‘adaptive’ but it comprises of certain facts which might be ‘maladaptive’. Thus, the way of interaction of individuals differs from one another along with the style and emotional terminologies (Kuper, 2000). According to Hofstede (n.d.), culture is defined as the phenomenon consisting of certain core values which facilitate in shaping the personality traits of an individual. Thus, culture is one of the integral parts of a human being which helps to shape the values and behaviors of an individual in a specific group. Therefore, it can be stated that it is the culture, which differentiates one individual from another. Besides, the culture of an individual constantly changes with the alteration of places and situations (Hofstede, n.d.). In addition, there are varied elements which influence individual culture namely languages, norms, values, religions, beliefs, cultural assimilations and social collectiveness among others. Language is also one of the significant elements of culture. Language is a set of signs or symbols which is used regarding communication with one another. It helps to recognize or label varied equipments or things in the world,...
Mexico is an ancient county situated in North America sharing its border with United States of America. With regards to its culture, Mexico has altered in a rapid pace during the 20th centuries. One of the major reasons for this alteration can be regarded as the migration trends linking Mexico with US that in turn influence the cultural patterns of both the nations. Thus, the culture of Mexico is highly affected by the trends of its neighboring nations. The number of foreign-born populace of Mexico amplified from 0.8 million in the year 1970 to 2.2 million in the year 1980 and about 4.3 million in 1990. Finally, it amounted to about 7.0 million in the year 1997. Hence, it can be said that the culture of Mexico is highly influenced by the culture of US. The existing life style of this country became widely alike to that of the countries from which it witnesses highest rate of migration such as US and England.
However, most Mexican villagers are yet observed to pursue the older way of living in order to maintain the preliminary culture. Besides, the culture which prevails in the cities of Mexico is rather different as it strongly influenced by the neighborhood ethnicities which in itself is a versatile phenomenon. This is due to the fact that large number of inhabitants entered the city of Mexico from other neighboring countries. As a result, currently there exist varied subdivisions within the nation of Mexico. The cultural environment in Mexico also includes differences in terms of fooding habits, social issues, languages, arts, social lifestyles, educational outlooks, cultural histories, clothing behaviors, religions and customs among others (Center for International Rehabilitation Research Information and Exchange). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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