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Business Analisys of Coca Cola Brand - Essay Example

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The researcher of this paper will start with the history of the Coca Cola Brand. Then it will investigate its organizational design & strategy; designing organizational structure: authority &control; organizational technology; decision making…
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Business Analisys of Coca Cola Brand
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Download file to see previous pages The essay discusses that the Coca-Cola Company started as a beverage business company in 1886 selling the product at five cents a bottle. The initial escalation was unsurpassed and impressive, but more was characterized when the company established a more and powerful system of bottling. This made the brand rise to be the world’s most liked and known brand of today. The sale of Coca-Cola began in Vicksburg by a storeowner called Joseph Biedenharn who started bottling the product for sale in a common bottle termed Hutchinson. The storeowner accidentally sent a sample to Asa Candler who was the owner of the company who merely thanked him and did not implement this aspect. One of Candler’s nephews persisted for his use of the bottle but he ignored and only centered on the fountain proceeds. Two youthful attorneys from Tennessee trusted that they had the competence to build up a business around bottling the brand. They met with the director of the company who later authorized them to bottle the brand in roughly all the parts of the US. The brand now rose to one dollar a bottle. A third party who was a lawyer joined the duo, thus they further vended the bottle rights to confined wholesalers and entrepreneurs. Their endeavors were further heightened by the major a technological advancements that increased efficiency and quality of the product. With this breakthrough, nearly 500 bottling plants were functioning and small-scale businesses and families owned a majority of them. A number of the plants were only opened in the dry spells when the demand was escalated. Since the straight bottle was confusing to the public, an undersized group on behalf of the company asked the public to give ideas on how to improve the bottle so that it becomes unique to the Coca-Cola brand. With the technological advancements eminent in the global economy, those who sold the brand evolved into global chains. These customers merged for reason of tackling the increasing global market (Tung, 2001, 23). The company is an American beverage institution and manufacturer. It has its HQ in Atlanta Georgia and has Muhtar Kent as its present Director. The company also retails and promotes non-alcoholic juices and syrups. The company is best recognized for its pioneer Coca-Cola product invented by John Pemberton in Georgia. Asa Chandler established the modus operandi and brand of Coca-cola in 1889. It features in the NYSE, and is a component of DJIA and the Russell Index. 2. Organizational Design & Strategy The primary competences that provide the association its unsurpassed competitive merit are its powerful name of product and its system of distribution and bottling. Besides its marketing potentials and extensive collection of products, The Company has key competences that are tremendously complicated, if not impracticable to copy. The powerful Coca-Cola product name provides the company a large amount of bargaining influence and advantage. In 1999, Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo were struggling to develop into merchants of juices for the Wendy’s cafe chain. Wendy’s chose to associate with The Coca-Cola Company albeit PepsiCo was presenting a large amount of money. The Coca-Cola brand name enjoys much domination in the market. The Coca-Cola brand has authority on customer preferences. When Company was endeavoring to initiate Diet Coke, they implemented some sightless taste experiments with customers. The customers favored a glass tagged Diet Coke over a glass tagged Tab by 12%, although the fluids in all the glasses were matching. Designing Organizational Structure: Authority &Control The Company presently recruits nearly 94,800 workers. According to a broad managerial graphical representation acquired from the firm’s website, the company has over 5 hierarchical stages at the corporate strategy. For instance, the director of the Canadian region is subordinate to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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