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Personal Development Plan for Strategic Managers - Essay Example

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This essay discusses that in order to success in career and life, it is important to have good knowledge of both internal and external world. We tend to focus more on external needs and environment and often ignore our own shortcomings and talents, which ultimately decide what we become. …
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Personal Development Plan for Strategic Managers
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Download file to see previous pages The paper tells that SWOT analysis was developed by Albert Humphrey during the 60’s and the 70’s a result of a project aimed at identifying the causes behind planning failure of corporations. SWOT analysis is defined as “a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats involved n a project or in a business venture”. SWOT analysis help in identifying both, internal and external, factors influencing the performance of the organization and had proved to be quite helpful for many organizations in scenario planning. Moreover, it provides an overview of the present situation and where the organization stands in the market, which is very useful in the decision making process. That being said, SWOT analysis is also used to perform self-analysis in order to obtain a better understanding of oneself with reference to career. It does not only help in identifying ones strengths and weaknesses but also points out the talents of a person on the basis of which decisions related to career can be made. A personal SWOT analysis is performed in exactly the same manner as the one performed for business except that the person, whom the analysis concerns, must perform it him or herself and honestly provide all the information. It is more of an introspective report that allows a person to look deeper in self. Keeping all these points in mind, the researcher performed the SWOT analysis on himself. ...
It is more of an introspective report that allows a person to look deeper in self. Keeping all these points in mind, I performed the SWOT analysis on myself and following are the results: Strengths Double Bachelors – The two most desired degrees in computer science are of BSc (Hons): Computer Science and BCS (Bachelors of Computer Science. Often students are confused about which degree to get of the two. I have both these degrees, which give me an edge over most graduates of computer science. Moreover, I am also a Microsoft Certified System Administrator. All these skills have equipped me with the skills required to survive in the industry of computer science. Multiple Work Experience – I have work experience in different industries like food, banking, and healthcare. I have been involved in customer services for a while for different companies and so I have extensive experience in the field. Moreover, I have worked in different regions like Abuja, Nigeria, and different parts of England which has given me knowledge of different cultures, increasing my ability to understand difference in customer behavior. I also have experience in the field of marketing. Leadership and Communication Skills – I have worked as a leader of many different teams in the past and have also played the role of a motivator in the teams. I have supervised employees at different place, which has improved my leadership and communications skills. I do not only have leadership skills but also know how to work under someone else’s leadership for which I have been rewarded with the award for best team member at BLOSSOM. Ambitious, Motivated, and Multi-interested – I have always been very ambitious which is why I have double bachelors. I’m eager to learn new things and have a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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