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Strabag Construction Company - Essay Example

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The paper focuses on evaluating the position of the Russian construction industry and thereby justify Strabag's reason for choosing such for future growth. Strabag Construction Company is a multinational construction company having set up different branches in several regions round the globe…
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Strabag Construction Company
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Download file to see previous pages The firm that is analyzed in the paper is Strabag Construction Company, a multinational construction company that conducts large scale operation and construction activities on a global scale. The company since 1891 is found to perform a large number of construction projects in about 60 countries on a global scale. Construction activities of the company fall in the niche and classical construction categories and ranges from both large scale infrastructural to the completion of building projects to other civil engineering project activities. Strabag’s locus of business operation mainly centers on countries pertaining to continents like Asia, Africa and other Middle East nations. The company also boasts of its large pool of multi-cultural human resources that has helps the concern to gain around 12.8 billion Euros on an annual scale. This company focusing on different categories like civil, infrastructure and building projects is eyeing on Russia to gain a new market in future. Here the company though faced with initial setbacks owing to economic and infrastructural constraints is endeavoring to develop its hold through separate strategies. A formal look at the research objectives suggests that for the research in question there is a need for both primary and secondary research activities. In regards to secondary research the paper focuses on the company website along with other supportive literary sources like books and online articles. The use of secondary research activities is recommended for it helps in gaining access to a large scale of authentic data through the use of internet. This practice in turn helps in saving both cost and time and also acts as a formidable support to primary research activities (McQuarrie 35). However the research activity also focuses on conducting a primary research to gain meaningful insight into the practical scenario of the company’s expansion to Russia. Primary Research activity is conducted through designing a set of questionnaires based on which an interview would be taken of the managers of the company (Czinkota and Ronkainen 253-254). The questions would be prepared for conducting an interview on a sample size of 30 respondents that would comprise of senior and middle level managers of the company. Inference would be drawn in regards to the manager’s understanding of the Russian construction market and the strategies taken thereof to counter emerging constraints. Secondary Research The secondary researc ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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