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Gender Inequalities in Organizations - Essay Example

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The discussion covers different aspects of equality and benefits of equality in context to gender, work and responsibilities. The present and future business prospects of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have been discussed along with correlating the same with the need of equality and nondiscrimination. …
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Gender Inequalities in Organizations
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Download file to see previous pages The discussion aims at highlighting and underpinning the concept of equality of opportunities for women that will offer likely benefits and advantages to the business and social environment of the Saudi Arabia. It has been seen and perceived that women are incapable and unfit for certain kind of jobs and men get undue advantages and benefits in the social and business environment. The discussion identifies the importance and need of equality in the business environment to create a favorable and positive business environment for men and women. Women are often subjected to sexual harassment and abuses compared to men and creating a positive environment will only empower them in the present as well as in the future.
The discussion also aims at understanding the reasons behind gender inequality along with identifying problems and issues pertaining to it in the business and social environment. For this purpose, the social and business environment of Saudi Arabia has been assessed and analysed. At the same time, the educational and social environment has been analysed in terms of impact and influence. It is important to change the educational structure along with reducing the impact and influence of social and economic constraints to attract more number of women in the national work force. This requires equal rights and equality in everything without discriminating against the gender. It also requires help and support of public and private sector organizations to create a base for Saudi women in terms of exposing them to business ins and outs along with offering training to enhance their skills. Therefore, the role of public and private sector organisations has also been assessed and analysed in a critical, illustrative manner....
However, with 15% of national workforce comprising of women, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is yet to utilize untapped potentials of its work force especially those of women (UNDP, 2008). The current work force is driven by majority of expatriates who have been contributing to the success and development of the country. However, the role of nationals comprising of men and women with potential to perform and contribute remains obsolete. The majority of these are women who have not been exposed to the business environment. There is no denying that legislative, social, occupational and educational constraints prevent women to participate in the Saudi labor market but things need to be changed in order to offer equal opportunities to people without differentiating on the basis of the gender. Saudi Arabia is a powerful economy with wide arrays of business opportunities. In order to emerge as a dynamic and global force, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia needs to overcome these constraints. Sambidge (2011) stated that the Arab nations continue to lag behind other nations when it comes to gender equality. As per the report published by the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap, 2011, no Middle East country was in the list of top 100 countries for gender equality out of the 135 countries covered. UAE was ranked at (103), followed by Kuwait (105), Bahrain (110), Oman (127) and Saudi Arabia (131). However, things have been changing at a rapid pace as women are now allowed to vote for the very first time highlighting the growth and acceptance of gender equality. The notion of men leading men and women has been prevailing from early centuries. This argument can be considered as the base for the start of inequalities between the genders. However, the mode of discrimination seems to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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