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Occupational health and safety laws in Sydney, NSW - Case Study Example

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The paper clearly describes risk identification, rick analysis of the event and also treatment for the same. Within the Occupational Health and Safety process, one can also find the relevant occupational and safety laws that an event organizer needs to follow at the time of organizing an event in Sydney, NSW. …
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Occupational health and safety laws in Sydney, NSW
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Download file to see previous pages As most the guests who are attending this event hold VIP status, it is very important for Luna Park officials and Event Organizer to look after the safety and welfare of the guests. Literature Review: Workplace safety should always be given a high priority. It does not matter if you are running an organization or conducting an event, you, as an organizer or a manager, should look at various things that directly or indirectly affect workplace safety. Be it a severe accident or negligible accident, it affects people health and organization’s reputation. The occupational health and safety act clearly demands event organizers should maintain a risk register and site induction to ensure all the responsibilities are properly delegated to each and every individual. Site Induction paper will help event organizer in assigning the tasks. The site induction paper needs to be discussed among the group of people who look after various tasks when an event is going on. Site Induction paper will have the details of site management team and event details. Site Induction paper also describes the procedure requirements including accident reporting, first aid facilities, fire precautions, smoking zone, evacuation, housekeeping, storage facilities, protocol (If politicians visit the event, common arrangements and other miscellaneous details. So, without site induction paper, it would be very difficult to organize an event. Risk is always there in organizing every event but taking the right care and following proper procedures help mitigating the risk. Risk Identification There are several types of risks involved when organizing an event. Majorly, the...
The paper tells that every event organizer should oblige to conduct a risk management process at the site where the event is going to take place. Developing a site induction report and get it signed by venue manager, event organizer and other people who are involved in the process. The site induction paper helps to assign responsibilities to concerned people and mitigate the risk. The site induction paper should be read by each and every personnel who are involved in the process. The site induction paper also describes who should be contacted at the time of various emergency levels. The risk is broadly categorized into three types and each type of risk may cause damage to audience who attend the event. So, it is necessary to understand the severity of the hazards and likelihood of the hazard. Most of the event organizers or venue managers will have a chart to identify highly hazardous places or activities. Luna Park has its own risk management policies in place. The only thing needed is the co-ordination between the event organizer and venue manager who works from hotel side. OH &S demands event organizers to identify the hazards and address them well in advance to the event. The evacuation procedure at the time of emergency should be perfectly documented so that the people who are engaged in evacuation activities know their responsibilities. By taking the help of Work Method Statement, it is very much possible for event organizer or venue manager to mitigate the risk at Luna Park. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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