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American and British System For Regulating Occupational Health and Safety - Essay Example

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INTRODUCTION. In the current global situation where competition grows so immensely and many industries needed a pool of workers and laborers there is a need to legislate an act that shall protect every workers rights and privileges especially when being employed into the government, private firm, company or industries…
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American and British System For Regulating Occupational Health and Safety
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Extract of sample "American and British System For Regulating Occupational Health and Safety"

Download file to see previous pages But there are times that these basic rights were deprived to them and the government cannot do anything but just simply hurdle the Constitution to anyone who questions them which at some time the Constitution played as a mere paper and those legislators who were to be the advocate of the law where in fact the first to bend the law. That is why the question whether there is enough law to guard the interest of the people should be answered as there is more than enough law, only that compliance is absurd. Many people relied that much on what is written such as an agreement or contract that usually preceded prior to the working periods. While it is true that some workers were aware of the circumstances and their current conditions, they are to some extent lack of the basic knowledge on their rights and privileges that were being draft by the government. Thus there are many workers being exploited especially on the rank and file positions even these days. During the past decades, several workers were regarded as underdog and are brutely exploited by their employers. They were made to suffer as if they were wholly owned by their employers. ...
y emerged during the birth of capitalism, where supply and demand gradually increase and where formidable profit can be easily obtain since there is a minimal supervision of the government. This working class began to realize their collective entity. This is the time where their demands began to reap attention to the government. Collective efforts such as strike, collective bargaining agreement trade unions, lockout, and different methods become at first a threat to the capitalist system. (King, 2000). Behind those efforts is the strength to unify the collective entity that can threaten the system that is why many employers began to submit the demand of their workers. To counteract the situation, employers on the other hand assert their foremost right by enforcing their rules and regulations in the working environment. While dissension still is present, it is now the time for the government to do some actions, that is they are either bound to choose among the two parties of whom will they prioritize and given that the capitalists system ensure the financial growth of the nation it is not a doubt that the government will prioritize them, the financial grantees. The complexities of the situation and to add there is assurance that the collective agreement will lasts, several ideas and ideology sprouted out from those tiny seedlings of exploitation. They are on the extreme side creating their new class, the proletarians which figuratively mean the industrial working class selling their labors in payment for wages. They believe that their conditions were permanent and inescapable that as long as the capitalists system reigns, they cannot be emancipated. This system of thinking only lasts for a moment because it disregard the rights and privileges of the employers too which ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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American and British System For Regulating Occupational Health and Essay.
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