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Comparison between the uk and usa on the Legislation system on occupational safety and health - Essay Example

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Occupation safety and health is considered a science of recognition, anticipation, control and evaluation of hazards emerging from or in a place of work and can impair the well being and the health of the workers, and its impact on general environment and surrounding…
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Comparison between the uk and usa on the Legislation system on occupational safety and health
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Extract of sample "Comparison between the uk and usa on the Legislation system on occupational safety and health"

Download file to see previous pages The 1974 act on the safety and health of the worker at the place of work in the United Kingdom and the 1970 act targeting the safety and health of workers in the United States are some of the example of the legislations that have been passed with workers health and safety in mind.
The health and safety executive in the United Kingdom is responsible for enforcing laws that targets occupational health and safety within the member countries. In the United States, the occupational safety and health administration (OSHA) which was created in the 1970 is responsible for ensuring the safety of the workers at their place of work. OSHA is responsible for guiding both the employee and the employer on occupational health issues and ensuring the laws that support occupational health and safety are applied at the place of work. These are done through education and training .The impact of globalization in the two regions has been considered as a force of change in the occupational health and safety scope. World trade liberalization, significant improvement in the transport and communication sector, rapid progress in technology, shifts in employment patterns, changes in practices at the place of work, changes in employment patterns targeting women and men and the structures, enterprise lifecycles and advancement in technology has generated new patterns and types of exposures, risk and hazards (Burke &Ronald, 2011).
Population movements and changes in demography have affected the health and safety of people at their place of work. the high rate of unemployment due to increase in number of people migrating to the united kingdom has resulted to opening up of more industries with owners not informed of the legislation pertaining to occupational health. Lack of information on occupational health legislation among the employers both in the United Kingdom and the United States has resulted to exposing workers to work environments that are unsafe and which can ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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