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Wake Forest - Admission/Application Essay Example

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Wake Forest: What outrages you? What are you doing about it? I am an open minded and a social person. In this regard, I interact with people and manage such interactions quite well. What outrages me results from social interactions with people…
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Wake Forest
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Download file to see previous pages For example, looking down upon someone because of their background, lifestyle, beliefs, race and ethnicity, choices and preferences outrages me. The diversity and dynamism of the human race should be embraced, thereby allowing for coherence in schools and colleges, as well as the national and international arena. In the context of my outrage, I find it necessary to express my opinion and comment the specific issues that I find outraging. That is, whenever I experience such a scenario or scenarios, I am quick to address the matter in the best way I can. This does not mean scolding people around, but making them understand the benefits of appreciating the diversity among people since we cannot be same in every aspect of life. Make a rational argument for a position you do not personally support. For clarity, please state your true opinion first and then argue the opposite position. Student demonstrations and rioting in a bid to raise their concerns is not part of my personal stand. Demonstrations and rioting is not the only way that pressing concerns can be aired. There are many departments set up in schools, colleges and universities to address student matters. Student should make use of these proper means in passing their grievances. Arguing on the opposite side of the matter, at times the set departments do not hold students’ grievances with ultimate seriousness, thereby triggering this unruly act. When the local departments fails to meet the interests of the students or ignore the whole matter all the same, students opts to riot or demonstrate, capturing both internal and external interests. At some point, demonstrations and riots can be necessary when student-management relationship fails to materialize in the context of what needs to be done by both students and the management. You may invite any three individuals from history to join you for a cup of coffee at our university coffee house, Campus Grounds. Whom would you invite? What is your icebreaker question to start conversation? And where might the conversation go from there? Social gatherings is one of the things I like doing. Although having coffee with three history individuals is not a major gathering, it is a simple form of a social gathering. For such an activity, I would randomly choose individuals who are in different years of study. This is to enhance diversity in the discussion that may result from the gathering. First, an introduction is important, giving the name and year of study. The ice breaker question in this case would be, “What do you say about Wake Forest?” The idea here is to capture the feelings and thoughts of the participants. Having coffee together would make each participant feel at home and socially comfortable with the others, thereby sharing information about Wake Forest comfortably. The question is general and therefore each and every answer given is not influenced by the others in any way. Answering the question is purely based on the opinion of each individual. This conversation is set to encompass every aspect of the University, given that it is not limited to studies or extracurricular activities. It serves as a means to observe the general appropriateness of each individual in being part of the University. Tell us about your most exciting academic pursuit or your most disappointing academic failure. All through the years I have been in school, my prospect to join university is the most captivating experience in my academic pursuit. Ever since I was a kid, I have always anticipated being a scholar. The university level grants me that opportunity. I am therefore looking forward to realizing this dream now that I ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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