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Wake Forest University School of Business - Admission/Application Essay Example

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In the paper “Wake Forest University School of Business” the author analyzes the success of the Wake Forest University School of Business, which is well known across the nation and across the globe.  The success of the school is driven by the attention given to individual students. …
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Wake Forest University School of Business
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"Wake Forest University School of Business"

Download file to see previous pages Early in my academic career, I learned that I have a gift for logic and a strong attention to detail that naturally drew me to the accounting profession.  My early work and volunteer experiences, including a valuable time spent working with the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology, allowed me to couple my knowledge of business with basic accounting principles, technology, and a firm grasp of the English language.  In this role I not only directly interacted with clients, but also contributed to improving how computers were used efficiently in my position.  Later, I was fortunate enough to attain a volunteer position with the Donghua University Student Association that further allowed me to apply my skills in business, marketing and accounting, reaffirming my decision to pursue a career in accounting. One of the most valuable experiences I have had is working with different cultures.  In order to succeed in global business, one must possess a firm understanding of cultural differences in the marketplace.  My experiences working with Chinese, South African, and American business has ideally positioned me to be able to effectively assess, interact with, and satisfy my future clients.  In addition, I have gained valuable insight that will certainly be beneficial in my academic work at Wake Forest University, allowing me to make a unique contribution to the student community.  One of my goals as a student is to extend my network, making contacts with both my peers and establishing mentor relationships with my faculty advisors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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