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My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University - Admission/Application Essay Example

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The author of the essay “My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University” describes his dream of becoming a CPA and succeeding in WFU MSA program and the efforts he is making to achieve it: perfecting his IT skills, working with database and accounting programs and fluent English mastering. …
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My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University
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Extract of sample "My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University"

Since my original application to Wake Forest I have continued to pursue my dream of becoming a CPA by improving my IT skills, increasing my fluency in the English language, and completing prerequisite coursework through my current program at UNCC that has better prepared me for entry into WFU’s MSA program. I am dedicated to completing the MSA program and subsequently passing the CPA exam.
In addition to solid basic computing skills, I have gained additional experience in the past year in newer versions of Microsoft Office, including advanced features of MS Office 2007 and 2011. In addition, I have worked extensively with Lotus Domino Notes, MS Access Databases creation for accounting, SQL Server, Java programming, and programming. These skills have wide applicability to accounting, particularly as systems are advanced and improved. Additionally, I have worked with MS PowerPoint to generate professional quality presentations, a skill certain to benefit me both in my academic and professional careers.
My academic work has been advanced through the completion of Intermediate Accounting I and Management Accounting courses taken in Fall 2011 at UNCC. Moreover, I am currently enrolled in Intermediate Accounting II, as well as Income Tax and Financial Management courses in Spring 2012, both courses that will better prepare me for success in the WFU MSA program.
In order to increase my social awareness and improve my English fluency, I have continued to participate in field-related volunteer activities, and I have been accepted as a candidate in Beta Alpha Psi, the honorary fraternity of Financial Information students. The network of peers and professionals that I have grown over my career is certain to lead me to success in the WFU MSA program and in my future career. Read More
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My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University Admission/Application Essay.
“My Desire to Enter to Wake Forest University Admission/Application Essay”, n.d.
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