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Organizational Training Design - Case Study Example

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Effective management of customer relationship has become one of the core endeavors of the contemporary business managers. Most organization especially those in the service industry are quick to understand the demands of their clients in order to design and provide satisfactory products. …
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Organizational Training Design
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Download file to see previous pages The case presents a regional firm TCI, which offers financial services and is seeking to provide high level services to its clients. In this regard, the company has carried out sales analysis and the result of the analysis indicates an acute need for the company to tighten the effectiveness of their relationship with the clients if only they need to progress in the industry. Consequently, TCI has chosen a software package SAM with relevant features aimed at facilitating quick and effective customer communication thereby turning sales contacts into relationships and increasing sales. This paper seeks to design relationship management staff training program for TCI business firm.
Organizational Analysis
Having a regional presence and with the increasing need to fully and interactively understand the needs of its clients, TCI requires a strategically planned program to streamline the operations of the organization in general and the sales team in specific towards providing satisfactory services to the clients. Further, the recent analysis of the sales and the company results has significantly underpinned the need for training and developing program to enhance the operational excellence of the employees. In essence, SAM package is strategic in turning sales into relationships, which in the end; facilitate increased sales and thereby enhancing the growth of TCI. Work environment is somewhat systematic and this coupled with the biological evidence that there are significant mental capacity decreases as people grow old; the management of TCI should employ thorough assessment of the overruling elements of the working condition and the need for training the employees before initiating and implementing the SAM program (Noe 136). Further, the difficulty that employees associate with understanding the need for training, committing training content to their memories and providing feedback to the training providers should be evaluated and enforced before the implementation of the training program. Additionally, globalization and its influences play a significant role in determining the level of training that the relationship managers would require. Therefore, the management must be keen to underpin the influences of globalization in enforcing the SAM relationship package training program in a bid to succeed with its implementation. Given the recent analysis of the sales capacity and the resultant financial attainments of TCI and that the company has identified the significant need for the employees to manage sales relationships more effectively, the employees are likely to perceive the SAM training program as an opportunity to grow and thus enhance organization growth. However, it is important for the management to utilize a lot of prior reinforcement of the strategic importance of the training program in order to underscore the perception of the relationship managers into considering this as a reward and thereby improve the acceptance level and the practical willingness to accommodate the new features of the SAM relationship software package. This will enable the trainees to perceive the training as a reward for their prior work, thus significantly reduce the prevailing implementation barriers. The management of TCI in general and the sales management team of the organization in specific will be very interested in ensuring the success of this training program. The investors and other external stakeholders, if informed, will also be interested in ensuring the growth and increasing returns on their investments. In this regard, the executive management of TCI ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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