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Design a One-Day Training Event at an Organization of AXA - Essay Example

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The study begins with the description of the concepts on training programs and their significance. Further a brief overview of the company AXA is given to explain its mission, objectives, and business strategies…
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Design a One-Day Training Event at an Organization of AXA
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Download file to see previous pages The study begins with the description of the concepts on training programs and their significance. Further a brief overview of the company AXA is given to explain its mission, objectives, and business strategies. The significance of the training intervention is also precisely explained so as to reveal how the training program streamlines with the business strategies of AXA. A training time table in Appendix 1 is designed to plan and develop a training event. Background In the competitive global environment, those companies who want to increase their productivity and improve their margins look out for ways to boost their employee’s effectiveness and performance. Training programs and skill developments are the causes for budget cuts but they indeed assist organizations achieve the strategic objectives and also augment their overall business culture. Organisations have to manage four most important resources, namely equipments, information, money and people. The meta-analysis of the effects of managerial training revealed that it is effective in organisation. It was also suggested that an evaluation of about 83 studies from the year 1982 to 2001 showed that even fairly successful training programs have significant effect on the employees (Blanchard, and Thacker, 2007, p. 5-8). Mathieu and Leonard (1987) depicted that a training program was conducted for the 65 supervisors of a bank and the cost incurred for such a research was $50,000, but the bank earned $34,600 in the first year, $108,600 in the third and more than $148,000 in the third year. This was just an example cited to validate the effectiveness of training in organisation. The rationale for training programs is to mainly enhance the skill and improve the knowledge of the employees. This assist the management to get back the returns from the investments they made on the employee in form of revenue. This is the reason why the training programs should be designed to cater to the needs and requirements of the organisation and it should be streamlined to fulfil the strategic goals and objectives of the company (Simmonds, 2003, p. 29-31). Company Overview AXA is a French company which deals in financial services. It was founded in 1817. The company mainly offers health, life and investment insurance plans and portfolios for its individual as well as corporate customers. AXA has expanded its business through joint ventures and tie-ups in many countries like Canada, UK, Mexico, and in Asia pacific regions. AXA has specific department called AXA ICAS which offers stress management programs and training to its employees of different organisation. This signifies that AXA believes that training programs can help employees to cope with the stress. The mission of AXA is to build a culture of achievement and trust that would empower and employ their workforce to become customer-centric and also optimize the business values to accelerate higher growth for the company. The aim of AXA is to promote stronger and safer growth in the long run. This study would focus on a one day training program which would be conducted for the employees of AXA, UK. The training would be on Managing pressure at work place or stress management. Since AXA already has a stress management training segment which offers training services to the employees in different organisation, so it would be easier to plan the training prog ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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