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He or she is involved in analyzing market data locally, regionally and at the national level. He helps determine what companies buy, the gaps in the market, the…
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Marketing Specialist
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Download file to see previous pages They assist in measuring current strategies aimed at understanding the best ways to market products and make money for the given company (Goldstein & Lee, 213).
Marketing specialists is also known as research analysts. They should monitor what is sold across the country, help in analyzing demographic data, analyzing buying and shopping habits, looking at a relevant competition in the field and their pricing, creating and administering surveys, questionnaires and other information gathered, assist in measuring and evaluating current strategies and other responsibilities. All this is done all in an effort to help in understanding the best ways of marketing products and make the company a lot of money.
As a marketing professional, I am tasked with the responsibility of examining and analyzing the promotional and marketing potential of an individual entity. It is also the role of a marketing specialist to design and create marketing and promotional tools. These tools enable an organization to make efforts into the target market. Marketing specialists play many roles among them overseeing and implementation of crucial areas of the marketing plan, which is always designed for a specific firm for establishment (George, Kress, Taryn &John Snyder 72).
As an entry-level specialist, one must possess a bachelor’s degree in marketing, advertising or communication. In most cases, most employers look for graduates with experience in marketing or advertising firms but as a fresh graduate, I will have to expose my skills and attributes to secure an entry-level position aimed at growing my career as a professional marketer as well as serving the interests of the employer. For an entry-level position, one must demonstrate the skill and ability to market, promote and advertise efficiently and effectively the sectors given such as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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