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Browns and Blacks: Ideal Coalition Partners - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Browns and Blacks: Ideal Coalition Partners” the author discusses issues facing specific groups of the American population and. Political coalitions are a method through which people can organize themselves in order to influence the policy issues…
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Browns and Blacks: Ideal Coalition Partners
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Extract of sample "Browns and Blacks: Ideal Coalition Partners"

Download file to see previous pages The struggles that the blacks have had to face throughout American history are well known and result in many specific desires in terms of politics. In Africa, the land of ancestry for all blacks, there have been had social issues throughout history. The wars and problems in the continent are a great many and a large number of these still persist today. Not only have the blacks experienced problems in their own homeland, but within the United States and Europe they were oppressed and taken into slavery for many generations. They suffered through harsh, miserable lives and were commonly treated inhumanely. As blacks gained their freedom through emancipation and became more involved and accepted into the politics of the United States, they have been able to grow in the organization and began to form coalitions with political powers. This has given them a significant advantage in achieving the benefits and freedoms that they desire from the American government. The sheer strength of their numbers and determination brought about their eventual success. Not all coalitions are race-based, but for the purpose of this paper, it is only race-based coalitions that will be explored. The main group that would make an ideal political coalition partner will be identified and the reasons for this will be discussed in detail. It is proposed that browns make ideal political partners for blacks, as they have been similarly mistreated and abused. The Importance of Coalitions Even as people finds power when they join together in numbers, so coalitions are energized when they combine. There are often issues that more than one racial group has to face which would be ideal for an address by coalition politics. For example, although blacks comprise the racial group which is brought to mind at the thought of slavery, they are not the only racial group that suffered through slavery. Forming a coalition increases the number of individuals who stand for the same issue, and as a consequence increases their power. Coalitions whose members share history with another may join in with other coalitions whose members have had similar experiences to the former. These can band together to address a single cause. For the blacks, every other racial group may be able to agree and desire to advocate an issue with them, but there is only one racial group whose experience was similar enough to theirs that they make a good coalition partner. Since browns have been significantly oppressed, more so than whites and Asians they should be political partners with blacks. Brown coalitions can relate to the concerns of black coalitions and this relation can unite them on common ground. ‘Brown’ Oppression Brown people have been subjected to a great amount of oppression and hatred simply because of the color of their skin. Whites have held that they are superior to this group of people in a similar way to which they have done for the blacks. They have, therefore, been treated with an utter lack of compassion. This group includes members from a wide variety of countries and cultures, including many different ethnicities such as Hispanic, Indian, Arabs, and even those of mixed races. These have been ill-treated by whites for centuries. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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