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Different topics- no sources needed - Essay Example

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Module title: Module ID: Submission date: Multiple Topics Endogamy and Exogamy Endogamy simply refers to the concept of the individual’s getting married to the person(s) belonging to his own racial and ethnic group or background…
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Different topics- no sources needed
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Download file to see previous pages Similarly, if a German enters into marital-knot with an Asian, the nature of the marriage will be called exogamy. Hence, all kinds of inter-racial marriages, including white-black and Hispanic-Caucasian etc, come under the definition of exogamy. President Obama’s father was an African American, while his mother belonged to white racial group; consequently, the marriage was a true example of exogamy in nature. It is fact beyond suspicion that the world has turned into a small global world, which has encouraged the migration and settlement of the people belonging to pole-apart regions to the developed and prosperous states. As a result, their inter-mixing and subsequent acculturation has popularized the idea of exogamy to a great extent. Although inter-racial marriages have many blessings, as they have turned out to be supportive in respect of decreasing the gulf between the divergent ethnic groups, yet marrying with the person of one’s own race appears to be more beneficial one in the long run. One of the most astounding reasons behind endogamy includes the similarity of social and cultural backgrounds, which proves helpful in fast understanding of the couples. Secondly, the children of mixed races are aptly looked down upon, as no one looks ready to adopt them as the member of their ethnic group. Thirdly, it has aptly been observed that almost all racial groups, including white, brown, black and yellow ones, unconsciously maintain prejudice and bias against others, and seldom accept the members of other races as their equivalent. It is particularly the case with the Jews, white Anglo Saxon population (WASP) and Arabs, all of which consider themselves to be superior to others. Thus, this purported superiority complex carries a state of conflict between the spouses, and they require several years to come to terms finally. Reasons behind the Rise of Singlehood The studies reveal that advent of tremendous and marvelous technological revolution in the modern era has wide opened multiple opportunities of bringing the young, middle-aged and old individuals closer to one another in its wake. Inclusion of millions of dating websites has made the search and selection of partner and soul-mate quite easier, fast and comprehensive. As a result, one can meet and develop long-term and short term relationships with the males and females of his/her choice through the internet and other communication devices. Somehow, the rise in singlehood observes an upward trend even the revolutionary alterations and developments have been introduced in the exploring of companions, partners and spouses. The theorists find various reasons behind the upsurge of singlehood in modern times. One of the most dominant reasons behind the popularity of singlehood includes the high divorce rates during the second half of the last century onward. Since a significant number of the present-day adults comes of the broken homes and have been brought up under single parenthood or by the step-parent(s), they view isolated life far better than the situation that brings imbalances and bitterness in the form of broken homes and their children. Popenoe (1999) has also declared the children from broken homes less successful, least law-abiding and least confident in nature; singlehood has been in vogue in the contemporary era. Similarly, the child abuse and molestation at the hands of step-parents, uncles and even real parents and siblings has also created fears and perils in the hearts of the individuals. Moreover, fraud and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Different Topics- No Sources Needed Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 Words.
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