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Nuclear Family and Matrix Organizational Structure - Essay Example

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The following article is a brief into how nuclear families and two in a box compare to matrix organizational structure in terms of differences and resemblances. The description starts off with bring introductions to the nuclear family system its advantages disadvantages along the same for the matrix organizational structure and commences with a critical analysis of how they match and differ amongst their main concepts.
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Nuclear Family and Matrix Organizational Structure
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Download file to see previous pages In cases where the family cannot support itself and the 2 parent limitation is exceeded the family is better known as an extended family. The term extended family point to a situation where the immediate family members are living together with their own nuclear family and an extended family would comprise of grand parents, uncles, aunts etc.
The nuclear family system has a number of advantages. The first one worth mentioning here is that there is no particular 'Head of The Family' and basically you are on your own. To put it in a colloquial representation there is basically no one to stop you from anything. Having labeled this as an advantage it is also worth mentioning that this can be a good or a bad thing. Since you are on your own you take your own decisions and therefore whatever the consequences of a particular be the person involves does not have to blame any one else but him/herself whenever a decision is thought bout in retrospect. The flip side to this is that normally the Head of a family has far more experience than the younger ones involved and normally the Head is in a better position to judge and decide if a particular step or decision can be helpful or not therefore in a nuclear family setup this fruit of experience is missed out. The next point is that you raise your children in your own style and there is rarely any interference from any elders.

This again has both sides to it since having the choice of raising your kids your own way does help your kids to have orientations of the ways of life of the future and they don't have to be compliant to the standards of elders. At the same time again the experience of an elder of the family is missed out here.
Compared to a joint family system in a nuclear family you earn and spend on your own luxuries without having to contribute anything towards the family pool. One note worthy issue here is that as soon as a marriage breaks the whole family come crumpling down in a nuclear family. As compared to this in a joint family the children of the broken marriage are normally taken care of by the grand parents.

Two in a Box
This concept is based on the idea of two leading roles in an organization/group where the two have different focuses as compared to each other but the two together help the organization move towards its goal in a very efficient manner.

Matrix Organization
In structure the team consists of multifunctional team members and encourages a horizontal communication and authority rather than the traditional vertical flow of authority. The matrix structure essentially abandons the concept of one boss or one head for a division/department. It normally enforces an amalgamation of individual skills by involving individuals from different departments; this structure is usually very effective for large projects or for a specific product's development. The way this structure works is that for a specific project, for which the matrix is enforced, the day to day progress report goes to the product of project head where as the individuals continue reporting for their over all performances to their main departmental head. The positive about this ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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