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Production of computers of various brands - Essay Example

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From this paper it is clear that computers to be produced will be of various brands to build in the mind of potential customers a strong imaginable competitive advantage in the current world markets. And Global Ventures Plc will produce the high quality and affordable price…
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Production of computers of various brands
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Download file to see previous pages Relevance to lifestyle of customer –the brands to be produced by Global Ventures Plc will be relevant to the lifestyle of various customers .there will be computers specifically designed and with can only be afforded for high class groups, middle class, low class and research purposes. Therefore various demands of the customers will be made thereby ensuring customers satisfaction. Economies of scale Unprocessed raw materials required in the production of computers are cheap and readily available from within the local markets and several foreign countries. In addition, the component parts required, major equipments, accessory equipments are less expensive and are readily available. Furthermore there is available specialized labor and efficient machinery which will reduce marginal costs when the capacity of productivity will increase. Competition Although the company does not have enough to tremendously expand production within a short time, there will be less competition for the products that the company will produce. This is because the computer we intend to develop will have unique characters and quality of which none of our potential competitor has. Therefore because of uniqueness of our product there will be less competition even though the company will not utilize the whole market as it’s expected because the capital it has cannot allow for such quick expansion.  Consumable Computers have a recurring sales value and therefore they will needs to be replaced when they develop functional problems or spare parts have to be bought to replace the parts that have become non-functional. This therefore will establish a long term sales and a customer base with same products. Customers would therefore come back again and again to buy more as they use up what...
From this paper it is clear that South Korea has a higher Gross Domestic Product and higher purchasing power with high potential for future economic growth that is vital to the growth and development of our company. Mass market south Korea will provide market to the computers and other accessories manufactured in bulk by our company while niche market will provide market to the products and services provided by the company which target specific market needs, as well as production quality, price range, and the demographics. In addition South Korea has a high number of government contracts and big corporate orders. This will further expand our market share for our products and also improve company sales and thereby increasing the profit accrued. Because of well developed infrastructure in South Korea, there is great ease with which our company will develop mass retail outlets and this will ensure easier accessibility to our products by customers hence increase in sale recorded. Proximity of ports (air and sea) in South Korea will reduce transport costs and also it will ensure easier export of the product to the market through the air and sea routes. In addition, the socio-cultural practices in South Korea have a less influence on consumers. Contractual procedures are friendly to attract investors. Since our products are at the beginning of the product lifecycle, their demand in south Korea would be less sensitive to recession because there will be no substitutes with the same qualities and usability. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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