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Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation - Essay Example

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This essay discusses the term globalization, that can be verified as the process and state of such interaction of people when they cross their territorial boundaries and involve themselves in courses of development like investment through trade with reference to various businesses…
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Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation
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Extract of sample "Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages This process is not necessarily between the people but also amongst various companies and organizations. Jaffe, Bacchus and Alon (2006) believe that anything that happens around the world is labeled as globalization. Hence, the fact that whether it is related to the business world or not, the term globalization is of an immense importance, but it is necessary for us to discuss further how or why this notion is raised an essential question. It has been elucidated that globalization is relevant to money making only, whereas, it has also been verified that not only money is exchanged through globalization but cultures, customs, traditions, values and beliefs are also a product of transference in the current era. In my perspective as the further study is related to an organization which is business related, hence, I shall support the former outlook. The reasoning behind the goodwill of the former topic lies in the explanation that customs, traditions, values, beliefs and cultures are transferred and exchanged through globalization. Hence, when people circulate through borders they tend to circulate money of that specified territory as well. Hence, when money is circulated from country to country and from region to region, this process causes the mingling of businesses. This is the reason why the notion of today’s globalization holds such an importance as the circulation of almost everything throughout the world that is related to it. Hence, the world is now called a global village. Brawley (2008: pp.198) correctly states that “One of the most important aspects of globalization is the integration of economies across great distances.” THEORETICAL FRAMEWORK: We might have heard Bill Gates’ name somewhere. Gates; someone everyone is well...
This essay discusses that the major question that is to be analyzed is that how shall an organization like Microsoft should develop a strategy in order to achieve what they are working upon and what the market and customer requirements reveal. This notion can be spurred by the answer of Davenport, Leibold, and Voelpel that “Strategy generally requires careful, analytical calculation and choice, which assumes that there is a great deal of reliable information available.” As this organization climbs up the mountain of success it shall keep the future conflicts and divergences in mind. In Sääksvuori and Immonen’s (2002) perspective business strategies affect the product strategies, which could work the other way as well. Looking at the diverse product nature of the products offering by Microsoft and the way the products are designed to cater the customer all around the world like providing language options in its products by using National Language Support (NLS). The codes written for the products at Microsoft required the developers to understand the concepts of globalization and localization.When the runners of this organization will look upon it as their personal asset, they will understand the complete methodology of a transparent system. This can be done when they think less about their profit and more about the success of the entire organization as an institution of a society. How this organization can help in the improvement of various aspects which not only include economy but also other factors. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The topic of "Globalization of the Microsoft Corporation" is quite often seen among the assignments in college. Still, this sample opens a new perspective of seeing the problem. I’ll use the manner for my own essay.

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