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Conflict in management, negotiation between management and union, Case study Table of Contents Question 1- Factors affecting the position of management while negotiating for the changes 3 Question 2- Tactics used by the management 5 Question 3- Feasibility of adopting a collaborate/fostering approach for the management 9 Question 4- Strategy to be undertaken by the HR Manager 11 Reference 14 Question 1- Factors affecting the position of management while negotiating for the changes The position of the management is not only considered relative to the environment in which it exists, the parties and their respective stakes in the negotiations, rather it is perceived as a subjective concept…
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Conflict in management,negotiation between management and union, case study
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Download file to see previous pages The management’s decisions to change the grading structures whereby demarcating the duties completely and then amalgamating them into a single and ‘all purpose grade’ system would not be effective after a certain point of time. Also providing the necessary training to the workers to adopt the new skills would become ineffective after a point of time. This is because adopting the new skills would necessarily be resisted by the workers as they would have gained competence in the skills they were working over the years. The availability of a generous fund for Mirenda Corporation can be regarded as a positive factor for the organization. This can be used as a tool for convincing employees about the plans of expanding operations, availing of new equipments and training employees on new skills. Also the change programs that the management was seeking to adopt would be affected by the fact whether their previously adopted changes were successful. Moreover, the higher productivity from each individual worker against the salaries they were offering would be accepted only on the condition whether the previous promises were fulfilled. For example, if it is seen that the management had failed to keep their previously made promises then they would not have strong position to bargain with the union. In the Miranda Corporation, the management’s decision to not concede with the claim for compensation for past productivity was not appreciated by the union. In this regard it can be said that the management would hold a weak position if it failed to meet the unsettled claims. One of the strengths that the management had was the support of the supervisors. This could be used as a positive force while bargaining with the union. The supervisors were found to be an aged group and had little satisfaction with the workings of the unions. In fact they considered the union representatives as being opportunistic and worked in a way which was neither fair nor meant to bring about long term benefits to the workers or the company. Thus the management could utilize this opportunity and cater to the key interests of the members. According to the case of the Ford Company and the United Auto Workers (UAW), the negotiation between the management and the unions was primarily based on the thought of crystallizing the interests of the members. The management’s strength laid in the fact that it meant to protect the retiree benefits, ensure investments and jobs, and tried to secure greater voice of the workers in the business. So it can be said that trying to meet the interests of the workers by listening to their problems and needs would act as strength while negotiating with them. It is through serving their interests would the management be successful in earning their participation in driving through the company’s plans for the plant (Anonymous, n.d., p.3). One of the greatest threats which have been observed is the position of Spain’s branch. It is believed that if the management did not incorporate radical changes in its work structures, practices, procedures and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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