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Negotiating employees welfares in a work place - Research Paper Example

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Those fitting to a culture (nation, family, team race, military organization, religion) have shared morals, philosophies and objectives. We perceive them as "same sheet of music." Associates of…
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Negotiating employees welfares in a work place
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Download file to see previous pages This project topic is focused on Negotiating on behalf of employees of an organization with its Executive Management on the employees’ welfares and conditions of services in the organization. This negotiation is based on a win/win situation where both the management and employees are pursuing a mutual interest of moving the organization to a greater height. Other interest groups in this negotiation are Company Board of Directors, Labor Union, Company employees, Customers and Vendors to the Company.
Negotiation is the basic art of bargaining pursuing a mutual beneficial interest among interest groups such as Company Board of Directors, Labor Union, Company employees, Customers and Vendors to the Company. On daily basis everyone negotiates one thing or another. On a private level, individuals bargain with friends, car sellers, landlords, family and managers, among others interest groups. Negotiation formulates a vital segment of the competitive nature of the contemporary life of our social and economic dynamic. Negotiation makes a dynamic process among codependent and self-interested groups with different upbringings, which targets to influence a decision that contents preferences and limitations of the available groups (Defense, 2015). This paper discusses on the real-world, holistic overview of the skills strategies that can be employed and applied to successful negotiations on behalf of employees of an organization, with its Executive Management on the employees’ welfares and conditions of services in the organization.
Negotiations on behalf of employees of a particular organization are core attributes to organization success. There are no organizations that can survive without profitable conventions. Within an organization, negotiation skills can steer to career promotion among the officials involved. There are many stages and strategies of negotiation such as planning, negotiating, creating a contract and performing the contract. Each ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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