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Whether or Not Negotiation Skills Are Similar in All Fields - Term Paper Example

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This paper is only limited to detailing the fact that negotiation is for all persons and answering the question of whether or not negotiation skills are similar in all fields they are practiced. It is indisputably that negotiation is meant for all people regardless of their age and gender. …
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Whether or Not Negotiation Skills Are Similar in All Fields
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Extract of sample "Whether or Not Negotiation Skills Are Similar in All Fields"

Download file to see previous pages According to Caputo (2012, p. 374), negotiation skills are imperative and they should be improved in order to ensure a competitive edge in the business and political arena. This is a factual statement, considering that such skills are imperative in various fields and are vital to professional as well as laymen. It is evident that negotiation cannot be said to be a process that is meant for only top salespeople, advocates, or skilled diplomats. However, it is something that all persons do in their day to day life. Although negotiation skills are not similar in all fields, everyone does negotiate and different skills are required, depending on what is being negotiated for. For instance, in peace accords as well as when organizations are formulating mergers, the negotiation stakes are higher and dramatic as compared to when people are simply negotiating to get a new job (Barron 2003, pp. 635-637).
Different people undergo the negotiation process since they face numerous sources of conflicts in their day to day life. The theory of conflict process identifies numerous structural roots of clash within the organizations such as having incompatible goals when there are differences in people’s values, training, experiences, as well as beliefs, and interdependence when team members depend on one another to accomplish goals and their results or performance hinges on others. Other sources of conflicts are scarce resources, ambiguous rules, and problems in communication (Vayrynen 2001). Therefore, in an effort to negotiate and resolve the aforementioned conflicts, the negotiators must have a diverse set of skills in order to emphasize on the need to have shared goals, reducing differentiation, enhance communication, and decrease interdependence.
Lewicki, Barry, and Saunders (2011) affirm that negotiation is for all persons and not just a few people. This is factual since arbitration as a field of academic inquiries is within various subject areas such as economics, management, industrial relations, and psychology among others. Common to all situations that require negotiations are a number of major characteristics, which include interacting freely and not necessarily accepting what the other party will voluntarily offer or permit. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Negotiation Skills Study 03069 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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