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Business Ethics in IT Management - Essay Example

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The author describes his/her organization which is focused on the ethical issue related to IT management and the IT professionals have to conduct their activities within the standards. The privacy, security, and control of the technical activities related to the computing field are highly regarded…
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Business Ethics in IT Management
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Download file to see previous pages When the organization collect data related to employees they are supposed handle it with secrecy and confidentiality. My organization is highly strict on safeguarding the details of the employees and other information related to the human resource department. Information related to pay scale of employees, social security numbers and other account details are allowed to be handled only by authorized personnel. Even the organization is not supposed to conduct any activity which can harm the environmental balance of nature. The nature of business is not supposed to be conducted against the social interest of the community and nation. The managers are not allowed to manipulate and misuse the key strategies and policies of the organization. My organization also have the right to monitor our activities to assess whether we follow the ethical code and principles of the business. In my organization employees are evaluated by the ethical standard they follow, as it is the core value of the organization. A person with no moral or ethical value can never be a good employee and can spoil the goodwill and reputation of a firm. My company tests my ethical behavior while I work in the organization in order to make sure that I am productive and harmless to the organization working process. My company does not allow using the company telephones to make long distant calls as this show that as an employee I want to misuse the company services. Manipulating the software’s of the company and using company products when not in offices are against my organizational ethical standard. My organization feels that if the employee cannot adhere to the ethical code of the firm then he is not worth to work in the organization. An employee can only be trusted and relied upon if he can follow the moral and ethical value of the organization.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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