Globalization and Organizational Network Structure: Microsoft - Essay Example

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Globalization, liberalization and privatization are some of the revolutionary principles which brought tremendous changes in global societies. Many of the traditional business concepts, political theories and economic principles were changed a lot as a result of globalization. …
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Globalization and Organizational Network Structure: Microsoft
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Download file to see previous pages When it first appeared in the world, globalization was watched suspiciously by many countries, especially the communist countries. Since it is originated in the western world, communist countries thought that it is an attempt by western countries to loot the resources of other countries. However, such concerns and doubts were only short lived and the potentials of globalization in stimulating economic growth were quickly realised by those countries. For example, China was distanced themselves from Globalization during the initial part of its introduction; however they are the number one exploiter of globalization at present.
One of the major advantages of globalization is the increase in international business or cross cultural businesses. Most of the biggest companies were struggling to find enough space for expansion in their domestic circuits and globalization opened the doors of expansion widely to them. For example, Microsoft is one among the top three biggest companies in the world at present. Their monopoly in operating system market is unquestionable; however operating system market alone may not help Microsoft much in sustaining their supremacy in the global market. For example, recently, Apple pushed Microsoft behind and attained the second largest company spot in the world. Apple succeeded in doing so only because of their product diversification and expansion strategies. The above fact forced Microsoft to think in terms of diversification and expansion. At the same time, it was difficult for them to expand properly, concentrating only in the American market. Globalization has brought immense opportunities to Microsoft in foreign markets and they grabbed it with both hands. At present, Microsoft is operating in most parts of the world. China, India, Middle East etc are some of the Asian markets in which Microsoft is focussing more at present because of the tremendous business potentials in this region. It is believed that global wealth is slowly shifting from Europe and America to Asian countries because of globalization. In other words, trade tie ups with Asian countries are necessary for American and European countries and also for the organizations in these countries. Domestic business and international business are extremely different and the organizations which decide to enter overseas markets should make lot of changes in its business strategies, human resource management strategies, marketing strategies, network structure etc, before entering the foreign market. Microsoft has implemented lot of changes in its organizational network structure to make it more acceptable in the overseas market. This paper analyses how well Microsoft implemented changes in its network structure to enhance its busyness potentials in overseas markets, by analysing topics such as History of Microsoft, Successful Business Strategies of Microsoft, Organizational Model of Microsoft, Microsoft & Outsourcing, Strategic Alliances of Microsoft etc. History of Microsoft Perhaps Microsoft is the most popular company in the world and it needs no introduction at all in any part of the world. In fact Microsoft enjoys an absolute monopoly in the operating system market globally and no other company so far did succeed in raising any challenges to Microsoft’s supremacy in the personal computer operating system ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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