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An Interview with a Local Entrepreneur - Essay Example

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An Interview with a Local Entrepreneur
An ‘entrepreneur’ refers to a person who takes all inherent risks and starts a new business or venture of his own. They have strong leadership capabilities with which they lead a business by selecting efficient managerial staff and thereby fulfill their dreams…
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An Interview with a Local Entrepreneur
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Download file to see previous pages Owing to ethical reasons, animosity has been maintained about the person, and hence his real name has not been used here and is replaced by Jimmy Ferris. But his story of coming into the business and being successful is worth telling. The story shares the difficulty that a person faces in his life, yet moves on to fulfill his dreams. It was truly a beautiful experience to have a chat with him and know about his journey through the business. This may also inspire new ideas, which are waiting to get explored. In today’s world, new and budding entrepreneurs are coming up with vibrant new ideas which are worth noting and considering. This is, however just one story among many. Hackensack is a city in New Jersey in the United States having a population of around forty-five thousand. There are several small businesses in this city which covers different industries, including marketing, agriculture, healthcare, housing, insurance, information technology, manufacturing, and other public sectors. Each business has its own story behind it about the role that an entrepreneur plays, and thus each has a different success story. The story narrated here is that of Mr. Jimmy Ferris (name changed) who was born in London in June 1976 in a family that had histories of business starters. His father was involved in an import-export business and made huge money at one point of time. Jimmy, from his very childhood, was very interested in medicines and so wanted to take up a career in that industry. He also completed his medical studies from a known medical college in New Jersey. Being a very good student, he successfully completed his course and joined a medical college as a junior doctor. When he talked about how he started up his own pharmacy, a story that Jimmy shared was quite challenging. By the time Jimmy was doing well in the medical college where he was serving as a junior doctor, his father’s business started deteriorating with respect to the market conditions and other dealership problems. The markets were becoming vulnerable and his business started failing, which led to severe losses to his company. Ultimately, the business had to be terminated. This affected their lives heavily as the family’s expenses were mainly covered by the income from the business. Jimmy, too, had just started his career, the income from which was not sufficient enough to support his family entirely. All this together had created a situational crisis for the entire family. Jimmy’s father could not take up the shock of loss and failure in his business and suffered a massive heart attack, which led him to bed rest for a long period of time, and according to the doctors, he was not supposed to involve in any kind of stress taking job, if he had to stay well. So, it was clear for their entire family that the man was no more in a position to conceptualize any new business which might hurt his health. Around the end of year 2009, Jimmy started thinking of starting something of his own. He had to support his family. His father was ill, and his mother was trying to support the family by taking up a small job in a fashion garment store. Thus, it was a huge responsibility on Jimmy to take up the lead for the welfare of his family. Jimmy shared his reasons why he chose to start up a pharmacy store or a business in this industry and not anything else. From his childhood, Jimmy always loved to serve ill and sick people. This was also the reason ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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