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Entrepreneurs - Essay Example

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He is also responsible for the inherent risks and the outcome of the venture. Typically, an entrepreneur starts with an idea and builds an enterprise with the idea as the base. Eventually,…
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Extract of sample "Entrepreneurs"

Download file to see previous pages Also, the theoretical evaluations and research the entrepreneur has done before setting up the enterprise are bound to differ. Thus, many enterprise fail and this has made entrepreneurship often a difficult and tricky.
Many theories abound Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneur and Enterprise and a lot of events in the industry complement these theories. Specifically, the Enterprise in Events is one of the fastest growing in the serviced sector and much of the growth is accelerated by the growth of small and medium sized enterprises. There are several kinds of event planning. The list includes celebrations such as fairs, parades, weddings, reunions, birthdays and education related events such as conferences, meetings, graduations and also product launches, political rallies, fashion shows, memorials and civic events. Sometimes events might be purely business related or social or sometimes a mix of both. To manage these events, it is imperative to identify new areas of development and induce creativity into the workings. Therefore, to sustain growth and to maintain profits in the service industry, and entrepreneurial mindset is essential. Moreover, to tackle problems in targeting the right audience, analyzing the business growth and raising funds for the enterprise a disciplined set of principles are definitely required.
One of the principles of Classic Economic Theory projects the ways in which an Entrepreneur should make investments. It supports stating that if an entrepreneur should make investments then even a one percent rise is sufficient. Certainly, in theory a one percent increase is profitable. For instance, if an entrepreneur has $100 and if $1 is the profit per month, then Classic theory states that this is a viable investment. Nevertheless, as theory does not take into consideration, the practical constraints into consideration, this might not be a competent idea to run the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Entrepreneurs Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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...? xxxxx No. 12345 ENTREPRENEURS RESEARCH ABC Xxxxx xxxx College Department of xxxx xxxxx 28 April, Table of Contents Contents Page No James Caan: Entrepreneur 03 Madam C.J. Walker: Hair-care Entrepreneur 04 Richard Branson: Virgin 06 James Dyson: Dyson Inventor 07 Anita Roddick: Founder of “The Bodyshop” 08 Julian Richer: Richer Sounds 09 Kanya King: Founder MOBO Awards 10 Sir Richard Arkwright: Industrialist 11 Alexander Fleming 12 Bibliography 13 James Caan: Entrepreneur If some one asks who is the most dynamic and successful enterprenuer of UK right now, the instant reply is James Caan. He is the founder of Hamilton Bradshaw and presently acting there as CEO. The company established in 2004, has several areas of operations like buyout...
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Entrepreneurs preference of pursuing their life dreams in entrepreneurship, one concludes that their success was inborn due to their youth and relative inexperience. Research has shown that different aspects are central for one to become a successful entrepreneur. Tomczyk, Lee and Winslow (2012) portend that although personality and motivation (inborn characteristics) affects the entrepreneurial prowess, the factors are, in turn, influenced by adjustable factors such as physiology, family, culture and demographics. Skills and abilities also play a crucial role in the establishment of a successful entrepreneur. It is clear that successful entrepreneur combines both the inborn characteristics such as...
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... of an entrepreneur comprise risk taking, opportunity seeking, innovation, high degree of motivation, unconventional, positivism, goal-oriented, leadership skills, team management, problem solving skills and most importantly, ability to take initiatives. The innovative nature and ability to take measured risk differentiate entrepreneurs from other business owners (Cuervo, Ribeiro and Roig, 2007). Entrepreneurs are considered extremely important for social and economic development. The main advantages of entrepreneurial development are effective utilisation of resources, employment generation, creation of human and social capital, development of backward and rural areas, minimisation of power and wealth inequality, reduction in regional...
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...(Bachiega & Borzaga, pp.273–95). With the global innovation stretching to every economic aspect, social enterprise is now being looked at as a link to the social innovation that is aimed at improving the economic and social life of individuals and communities at length (Defourny, 2001, pp.16–28). 2.0 Literature review 2.1 Social Entrepreneurs Social enterprises can be defined as those organisations or businesses that operate mainly for a social or environmental purpose. Through business orientation, they handle social problems affecting people; they improve people’s life by giving them a sustainable standard of life through employment opportunities, health care or general social support (Lee, 2009, pp.2-24)....
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Entrepreneurs, Expectations and Business Expansion firm, called Equity Trust Bank (Ahmed, Hasan & Haneef 2011). According to Burns (2011), entrepreneurs can be born or made. People are born with certain business traits while some traits are shaped by experience, history, and the environment of growth. In some cases, situational factors can influence a person’s entrepreneurial orientation. The personal factors that influenced Timothy to start his firm included need for independence and achievement. He yearned to be free from restrictive policies and procedures at City Bank so that he could create innovative solutions to help his poor community. He needed to achieve in implementing his projects that the previous employer failed to implement....
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