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This essay highlights that the conducting zones, as well as the respiratory zones, have various parts. These parts perform various functions. The conducting zone comprises all parts that are responsible for air to pass so that it can reach the respiratory zone. …
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Parts and Functions of the Conducting Zones and Respiratory Zones
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The conducting zones, as well as the respiratory zones, have various parts. These parts perform various functions. The conducting zone comprises all parts that are responsible for air to pass so that it can reach the respiratory zone. The parts include the mucous that is responsible for the humidity of the air. The second function of this zone is filtering the air. There are various things that are responsible for filtering the air. The first filter is the nose hairs. For example, some dust particles are trapped in this area. The second thing that is involved in filtering of air is conchae. The conchae push the air to the wall of the conducting zone, and the respiratory mucosa picks the contaminants that pass through the nose. The other parts involved in the filtration are cilia. Cilia are involved in pushing the contaminants that are trapped by the mucus to the larynx. The contaminants that reach the larynx with the help of cilia are either swallowed or spit out. The other function that occurs in the zone is warming of the air. Air is warmed by the fact that it passes through the conducting zone.
On the other hand, the respiratory zones comprise of various parts. These parts are involved in gas exchange. The parts include terminal bronchioles and alveolar sacs. Their main role is to ensure there is gas exchange.
Part #2
Question 3
List all the mechanisms in which CO2 is carried in the blood
There are mechanisms in which carbon dioxide is carried in the blood. The transport of CO2 takes place in three ways. The first way in which CO2 is transported is through dissolving in plasma. About 7-10 percent of the gas is dissolved through this process. The second way in which the gas is transported is getting attached to the globin of hemoglobin. It is estimated that about 20 percent of the gas is transported by this route. The third way in which the gas is transported is through bicarbonate ions (HCO3–) in plasma. The majority of CO2 is transported through this process and is estimated to be about 70 percent of gas transported.
Part# 3
Question 6
Explain the filtering process at the glomerular capscule
The filtration process takes place in the glomerular capscule. The two main vessels involved in this process are the afferent arteriole and efferent arteriole. The afferent arteriole enters the capscule to form a capillary bed called the glomerulus. The capillaries have small openings in terms of pores. In these pores, the filtered material passes and includes urea, uric acid, water, hydrogen ions and ions. The efferent arteriole exits the caspcule carrying non filtered components such as blood, glucose, vitamins, proteins, white blood cells, and platelets. Filtration in the capscule takes place in the presence of pressure known as hydrostatic pressure. There is higher filtration when pressure is high. The filtration process also makes use of three layers. The first is glomerulus that is a mix of several capillaries. The other is basal lamina that acts as a filter and has some charge. The other layer is podocytes that have filtration slits. The filtration process takes place through a feedback relationship that occurs in the association with afferent arterioles and the amount of fluid in the filtrate. There are special cells known as macula densa that are involved in detecting changes. For example, when these special cells sense an increased flow of filtrate they cause the afferent arterioles to narrow.

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