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The Seeds Dispersal - Lab Report Example

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The essay "The Seeds Dispersal" presents the data obtained from the experiment on seed dispersal by wind for 30 seeds of the same plant with different sizes and weight. Multiple statics methods are applied to determine the correlation between various aspects such as weight and distance…
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The Seeds Dispersal
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Extract of sample "The Seeds Dispersal"

Download file to see previous pages The purpose of this experiment is to determine the correlation between the distance covered by the seed and seed weight, fluff size, and the speed of the wind.
The following materials were used, thirty milkweed seeds, meter rule, weighing balance, stopwatch, paper bags, strings, fan, and notebook.As described, the weight of each seed was measured using weighing balance and noted. The length of fluff was also measured and recorded. This was followed by measuring the time taken by seed on air. Each seed was dropped from a height of one meter three times and time average for the seed loft in air measured and recorded. After all the data were collected, the mean and standard deviation for time, weight and fluff length were calculated.
The seeds dispersal is a significant factor in plants redistribution. Light seeds are flown a large distance by wind than heavier seeds. From the experiment, it is clear that small seeds move far distance than heavy seeds from their place of origin under the same wind magnitude. Seed dispersed from shorter plants move a small distance from their parent plant than taller plants. From the experiment, it is also clear that the distance moved by seed is directly determined by the strength of the wind. Excel sheet No.3
Wind plays a major role in plant dispersal. Only small light seeds with special adaptations can be dispersed by the winds. These adaptations are to facilitate the seeds remaining airborne longer which means they can be carried great distances. Such adaptations involve hairs or outgrowths which increase the surface area to catch the wind. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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