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From the study, it is true to conclude that altering the selected values of the venous resistance together with compliance while establishing minimum alteration in other cardiovascular parameters tremendously changes the blood pressure as a result of the ventricular chance response, heart rate, or venous resistance. …
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Physiology and metabolism, cardiovascular system, MacMan computer simuklation
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Download file to see previous pages Physiological homeostasis in the cardiovascular system is maintained depending on baroreceptor and chemoreceptor reflexes. Baroreceptor reflexes respond to changes in blood pressure and chemoreceptor reflexes respond to changes in pH, which are usually caused by an increase or decrease in blood CO2 (Scanlon & Sanders, 2011).
Question 1: What happens to the blood pressure and heart rate?
The systolic blood pressure is increased to 132.8 mmHg and the diastolic pressure is increased to 82.2 mmHg. The heart rate is decreased to 51.8/min (table 1). When arterial resistance is increased, the vessels experience vasoconstriction, which leads to an increase in blood pressure and a decrease in heart rate.
Changing the heart rate resulted into a change in the time of the systole and that of the cardiac relaxation. The alteration in the blood pressure and cardiac output displayed a plateau, but increased by a small margin. At low heart rates, the existence of pericardial constraints causes a limitation in the viscous pressure (Her, Mandy, & Bairamian, 2005). A decrease in the heart rate led to the redistribution of the thoracic compartment from the extracic hence causing a reduction in the blood pressure.
Question 2: What might give rise to the altered arterial resistance in a natural situation?
The result of altered arterial resistance is increased high blood pressure (hypertension). Systolic pressure ranging between 125 and 139 mmHg and diastolic pressure that range between 60 and 80 mmHg are often considered prehypertension. This can be caused by stress, smoking, and high level of salt consumption (Her, Mandy, & Bairamian, 2005).
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