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For example, I use electricity on a daily basis to a hot shower, make meals, use the computer, watch television and to iron clothes. These are just some of the few uses of electricity that…
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of due: Lab5 Electri is very essential in day-to-day lives; we depend on it to do a lot every day. For example, I use electricity on a daily basis to a hot shower, make meals, use the computer, watch television and to iron clothes. These are just some of the few uses of electricity that I use every day. In my own understanding, electricity is a form of energy resulting from the existence of charge particles -like electrons or protons-, either statically as an accretion of charge or dynamically as a current.
The coal used by the Lansing Board comes from the Eastern part of the USA, and it requires approximately 17 coal cars a day to produce electricity to Lansing. The coal is received in chunk form and is then crushed into powder and blown into a burner where it combusts and produces heat of about 1000 degrees. The heat made is used to heat water into steam. The steam is then used to revolve the blades of a turbine. The turning motion then generates electricity by releasing electrons into a circuit (
The smoke seen is coming from the plant is actually the gases of combustion e.g. carbon dioxide. According to (Edward & Grossman, 18) the two major concerns of burning coal includes pollution caused by emissions of contaminants like sulfur dioxide nitrogen oxides and mercury. To control this kind of gas pollution, the plant uses electrostatic precipitators that have electrically charged plates and wires. These are used to attract airborne contaminates as the hot air passes through it thus controlling pollution of the atmosphere (
The cost of electricity usually depends on the number of people living in a house. My bill shows that we pay $1.50 per day for electricity. This cost can be reduced by turning off the lights when, not in use, also using energy saving light bulbs and electronics that are in good working condition in the house.
The Lansing Board is a plant that supplies drinking water, fire protection and electricity to the citizens of Lansing. The board is a municipally owned utility, and it is different since it is a public utility and the customers own the system. The citizens of Lansing own the plant since they are the plant’s customers. The plant does not make any profit a quality that also makes it different from other power producing plants (
To conserve water, I would fix leaking faucets and use a cup when brushing teeth. A lot of water usually goes to waste when brushing since we leave the water running the whole time. Using a cup saves water that could otherwise be running. For electricity conservation, I would lower the thermostat and keep appliances in good repair. Faulty appliances waste electricity by consuming excess amounts of electricity, which leads to high electricity bills. A thermostat is used to regulate electricity used by appliances thus conserving electric energy. These methods go hand in hand with my answer for question 6. Maintaining appliances in the house would cost money, but this would save me the cost of high electricity bills (
GreenWise Electric Power is a program that permits the plant’s customers to buy some or all of their electricity from clean, renewable supplies like wind, water and biomass energy. The method is convenient to use since no connections are required apart from the original one. To use it one simply needs to get in touch with the BWL or print out the GreenWise Power Agreement and mail it in with their next bill. It is convenient and affordable since it comes from renewable sources that are easily obtained and so I would sign up for it (
The falcon project was set to help the endangered species of the peregrine falcon in Michigan. The number of the falcon has been reducing tremendously to a point of near extinction. The BWL wanted to arrest this situation and so they set up nests where the falcon comes in and inhabits the nests. It takes time for the nests to be inhabited by falcons but eventually they do. The plant tries to create the necessary conditions for the falcon eggs to hatch to increase their number. They have experienced a few failed attempts to have the falcon eggs hatch, and after improving the nest’s condition for the eggs to hatch, they became successful. From the falcon cam, one can see the vacant nest being visited by a falcon that later brings a partner into the nest and the two falcons make the nest their habitat. The falcon cam monitors the bird’s activities as they frequently visit the nest until they adopt it to become their own nest (

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