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Investigating The International Strategy Of A Chosen MNE. The lectricit de France - Essay Example

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The research paper aims to provide the international expansion strategies for the multinational enterprises. The company chosen for the study is Électricité de France. The research paper will focus upon the international expansion strategy in India. …
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Investigating The International Strategy Of A Chosen MNE. The lectricit de France
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Download file to see previous pages Therefore, it is vital to understand the company thoroughly and its operation in various sectors of the economy. The emerging countries such as India have become an important ground for the international business activities of the multinational corporations. However, there are certain challenges that the MNCs need to face when expanding their operation in countries like India. The market seems to be uncertain, turbulent and messy. The rapid changes taking place makes in the business environment make it even more complex, turbulent, uncertain and risky in comparison to the western countries. However, the MNCs need to consider these uncertainties as challenges and decide its strategy accordingly (Jannson, 2008).
Therefore, the research paper will try to tackle the problems that can be encountered while expanding its operation in India. Various theories of international expansion will be sought in order to gain a broad view of the study. The theories will serve as a guide to complete the research paper successfully and will also provide insights into the various market entry strategies and the methods to tackle the problems that are usually encountered while entering into emerging countries such as India.
Various suggestions will be provided to the company in light of the challenges and issues it is facing and may encounter while expanding its business in India. SWOT analysis and PESTEL analysis will be conducted in order to understand the business environment in which the company operates. Therefore, the current paper investigates the efficiency of Electricite de France in France and the motives of the company for international expansion. Particularly, in addition to identifying the motives behind international expansion, the current study will try to gauge the opportunities that lie in India for any multinational enterprise. Company Background Electricite de France is a France based company. It is an integrated energy operator and is active in creation, distribution, and supply and trading of electrical energy. The generation of the energy takes place by using the nuclear technology along with the usage of thermal, hydroelectric and renewable sources. Electricite De France is also engaged in the gas segment. The EDF group’s parent company is Electricite de France SA that operates through its subsidiaries and also includes totally owned subsidiaries such as EDEV, RTE-EDF transport, Figlec, EDF Belgium, Finelex BV and EDF UK Ltd among others. The group is present in most of the countries such as France, the United Kingdom, Belgium, United States and several other countries (Corporate information, 2011). The company was originated in the year 1946 on 8th of April when a law nationalised approximately1450 French gas and electricity creations, distribution and transmission companies. During the post war in France, it was noted that 90% of the households had proper access to the electricity and the operation of the small ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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