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Solar energy - Essay Example

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Running Head: Solar Energy Solar Energy Solar Energy Solar energy is the form of energy obtained by the earth from the sun. This energy is in the shape of solar emission, which makes in feasible to produce solar electricity…
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Solar energy
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"Solar energy"

Download file to see previous pages In addition, the sun is responsible for heating up the land to a considerable level in order to support the utilization of geothermal, ‘ground source heat pumps’. Use in Early Days Humans have utilized solar energy for a lot many years. For instance, ancient civilizations used energy from the sun to stay warm by starting combustion with it. They as well maintained the warm temperature of their residences by means of reflexive solar energy designs. Buildings were planned so that walls and floorings amassed solar warmth throughout the day that was released in nighttime to keep the temperature warm. The breakthrough of photovoltaic during 1839 reveals that electrical current in some specific materials could be raised when placed in light. “During the year 1905, the well-known physicist Albert Einstein clearly explained the photoelectric effect, the principle on which photovoltaic are based. In 1921, Einstein received the Nobel Prize for his theories on the photoelectric effect” (Boxwell, 2011). An economic advancement took place during the 1970's when Dr. Elliot Berman designed an inexpensive solar cell getting the price reduction from ‘100 United States dollar per watt to 20 United States dollar per watt’. This enormous cost savings caused a large number of functions that were not considered before due to high charges. Applications and Uses Solar power is the transferring of sunlight into electrical energy, either directly by means of photovoltaic, or indirectly by means of concentrated solar power (CSP). CSP structures utilize “lenses or mirrors and tracking systems to focus a large area of sunlight into a small beam. PV converts light into electric current using the photoelectric effect” (Chiras, 2009). Thermal mass is any substance that can be utilized to accumulate heat from the Sun. General thermal mass substances consist of ‘stone, cement and water’. In the past, they have been utilized in dry weathers or mild humid areas to keep buildings stay cool by soaking up solar energy throughout the daytime. Agriculture seeks to optimize the storage of solar energy for the yield of plants. Methods “such as timed planting cycles, tailored row orientation, staggered heights between rows and the mixing of plant varieties can improve crop yields” (Bradford, 2008). Solar sanitization can be utilized to make salty water drinkable. The initial recorded case of this was taken place in 16th century. “A large-scale solar distillation project was first constructed in 1872 in the Chilean mining town of Las Salinas. The plant, which had solar collection area of 4,700 m2, could produce up to 22,700 L per day and operated for 40 years” (Chiras, 2009).. Solar water disinfection involves placing plastic polyethylene terephthalate bottles, filed with water, in sunlight for couple of hours. Duration of time differ according to climate and type of weather from at least ‘five hours to two days’ in completely cloudy situation. It is a suggestion from the World Health Organization (WHO) as a practical way for domestic water handling as well as protected storage. More than three million people in developing nations apply this technique for their everyday drinking water. Advantages and Disadvantages Solar Energy is uncontaminated, renewable and sustainable, facilitating to safeguard the atmosphere. It does not contaminate the air by the discharge of ‘carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur dioxide or mercury’ ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Solar energy
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Solar energy
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Solar Energy
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Solar energy
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Solar Energy
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