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Zoology - Essay Example

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Zoology is one of the most interesting fields that researchers and scientists have explored for many years. It refers to that branch of biology that scientifically studies the physiology and structure of animals. …
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Extract of sample "Zoology"

Zoology Zoology is one of the most interesting fields that researchers and scientists have explored for manyyears. It refers to that branch of biology that scientifically studies the physiology and structure of animals. This includes a study of not only a whole organism, but also the molecular of the organism, its life cycle, its behavior, classification, distribution as well as population studies. Although humans are also under the classification of animals, their study goes beyond zoology. This is because they are unique and can be defined beyond zoological terms to spiritual, moral, social, and psychological. Since zoology covers a wide field, it is divided into a variety of sub-disciplines. There is, however, not any professional civilization that can cover the entire disciplines of zoology. For this reason, societies are found in terms of the diverse taxons such as mammals, snakes, birds, fish, and wildlife, among others. This paper shall provide a summary of a New York Times article and show its similarities and differences from an actual science paper.
Skulls Engineered for Hard Knocks is a New York Times article that describes a Sulawesi wild pig’s skull. According to the article, the braincase of a Sulawesi wild pig skull is usually firmly built and well engineered. Alan Dudley is a scientist from Coventry who has carried out an intense study of animal skulls. He has worked on a variety of these from the great hippopotamus skull to the most delicate and tiniest tissue-like wren skull. His collection has been found to be the most comprehensive and finest ever known to scientists. Many skulls of a variety of creatures such as woodpecker and the ram that do violent things using their heads are also included in his work. These two creatures have been found to have dense skulls, more so in the area referred to as the braincase. In addition to this, their braincases are smooth from inside.
It has further been observed that the brains of animals, which head bang greatly such the deer and some birds are small and smooth-surfaced. They also have little cerebrospinal fluid therefore, leaving a relatively little room for movement of the brain. This ensures a minimal chance for any kinds of damage and injuries. Gannets too have a similar problem. They catch fish by diving into the water and use their wings for swimming. They are not successful in hunting, but are advantageous in that they have a binocular vision for locking on the target.
The above discussed article, although related to an actual science paper, is notably different. For instance, an actual science paper is written in a specific layout. For instance, the title offers a summary that provides a description for the research. It has a section of methods, procedures, as well as tools used. It has a specific procedure for explaining what, when, how, and who carried out the research. However, for the article, there is no specific procedure followed. Moreover, an actual science paper has findings, explanations, and conclusions. It also includes suggestions for further research as well as peer-reviewed articles. These are, however, not present in an article. Nevertheless, an actual research paper provides the results of a scientific research with the intention of making findings. However, both the article and an actual science paper are related in that they provide results of particular researches. They provide essential information to the readers.
Work cited
Winchester, Simon. Skulls Engineered for Hard Knocks. October 2, 2012. Read More
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