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AT and T Top Buyer at US Airwaves Auction - Essay Example

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The author of this essay "AT and T Top Buyer at US Airwaves Auction" discusses the enormous amount of money AT&T spent on the bid for a license from FCC on the sale of mobile data airwaves. The company spent $ 18 billion on the bid which enabled it to win the license ahead of its other competitors…
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AT and T Top Buyer at US Airwaves Auction
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Extract of sample "AT and T Top Buyer at US Airwaves Auction"

Download file to see previous pages The other information is based on an opinion from different analysts in the wireless communication network field and experts from various technology firms.
An increase in the airwaves of mobile data means an expansion in the wireless communication field. Such a license to the AT&T will enable faster and continuous data streaming and faster downloads to the consumers. Many people are now bound to shift to the company due to its acquisition of a license which has immense significance.
With the company bound to get an increase in its customer base due to the license acquisition from FCC, I would definitely like to be part of the group which will benefit financially and not as a customer but as a shareholder. I would definitely purchase the stocks from the company and do so immediately due to competition.
Singer, N. (2015, January 28th). Regulators Crack Down on Marketers of ‘Unlimited’ Data Plans. The New York Times. Retrieved from: unlimited-data-plans/
The article discusses an increase in lies from mobile phone providers when it comes to the issue of unlimited data. The latest culprit to be hunted down by the federal authorities is TracFone Wireless which has been fined $40 million as a result of getting involved in the scheme. The scheme is known as “throttling” involves announcing unlimited data for the consumers only for the data speed to reduce once a certain data usage limit is reached.
The author retrieved this information from the Federal Trade Commission which announced about the fine and the throttling scheme. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1.
“Information Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 Words - 1”, n.d.
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