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Genetic - Lab Report Example

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Each characteristic has two or more traits, and for organisms that undergo sexual fertilization, having one over the other depends on…
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Download file to see previous pages The effects of other processes, such as genetic imprinting, are important in determining the traits for other characteristics of the organism.
Sequencing the genetic material of a species, and determining all coding sequences and their corresponding proteins are vital projects in the field of molecular biology. The human genome project had been successful in sequencing the DNA of humans (Venter et al., 2001). The studies of (Kyrylkova et al., 2012; Yu et al., 2012) determine the characteristics corresponding to a particular genetic sequence by preventing the transcription of the latter and observing the changes afterward. A sequence identified to determine a particular characteristic can also be used as a molecular marker to determine the presence or absence of trait, even without actually seeing it in the organism. For example, markers for sex can help distinguish between males and females in monomorphic species or their young.
The objective of this experiment was to demonstrate the use of DNA samples to determine the characteristics of the organism, particularly its sex. Specifically, the activity aimed to isolate DNA from different sources, blood, muscle and feather. After purification, the DNA isolates underwent polymerase chain reaction (PCR) using sexing primers 2250F and 2718R to replicate the sequence for sex determination. Agarose gel electrophoresis of the PCR products were compared with that of known male and female samples to identify the sex of the chicken from which the samples were obtained.
Qiagen DNeasy Blood and Tissue Extraction Kit was used for extraction. Briefly, the tissues sample was lysed by incubating it in a solution containing 20 µl proteinase K, 4 µl RNAse A and 166 µl phosphate buffer solution (PBS) (blood) or 180 µl Buffer ATL (muscle or feather) for 30 min. After mixing with 200 µl Buffer AL for 15 sec, the DNA was precipitated by addition of 200 µl 95% ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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