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Numerous proteins are being synthesized in the body to fulfill diverse metabolic, structural and physiological requirements of the organism. Human beings contain a plethora of genes and human genome has been successfully…
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Discussion 10
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Discussion Genes are responsible for the formation of proteins. Numerous proteins are being synthesized in the body to fulfill diverse metabolic, structural and physiological requirements of the organism. Human beings contain a plethora of genes and human genome has been successfully deciphered. Initially, when it was discovered that DNA is present in the chromosomes, and the entire chromosome is made up of genes that code for proteins. However, with subsequent findings, now it is established that less than 10% of human chromosomes is composed of genes. The rest was termed "junk DNA".
With time "junk DNA" or the "non coding DNA" has been considered to play significant regulatory roles in modulating the performances or actions of the "coding DNA". Knowledge about this relationship is highly imperative as it depicts the behavior of gene in artificial insertion of unknown genes. Only a few studies could understand the role of this relationship in structural formation, but an understanding about the regulation is yet to interpret.
Since non-coding genes were not assigned any function but they are present in the cell carries a deep meaning. If they do not play any role, the sequence of syllables should be random, which is not. This is a great subject of research as the "junk DNA" possess some kind of coded information which scientists are trying to decode. Potentially, some of these genes are thought to possess repetitive patterns which may be associated with cancer.
Role played by Junk DNA- Harvard Medical School has reported that "junk DNA" in yeast has some regulatory role in controlling nearby genes. They may play important role in controlling gene expression during developmental process. They may act as enhancers or silencers for transcription of proximal genes. They may regulate translation process. Thus, "junk DNA" is not actual garbage but it is a way to conserve cellular energy. As these genes play vital role in modulating coding sequences, they are no more considered as junk molecules.
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"Junk DNA". Web. 29 Jun. 2012.
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Discussion 10 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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