Various kinds of fast food items that may cause cancer among regular consumers - Essay Example

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Eating healthy to live healthy; one of the most common notions of the 21st century, shaping the social life of human kind from every dimension, class and cluster. However, in this modern day context, individuals are adapted to consume certain food items that impose adverse impacts upon their health…
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Various kinds of fast food items that may cause cancer among regular consumers
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"Various kinds of fast food items that may cause cancer among regular consumers"

Download file to see previous pages major restaurants along with fast-food chains such as McDonald’s and Burger King among others accusing these fast food giants to serve food items comprising carcinogens, resulting in augments risks of cancer (Anrig, “The Fast-Food Dilemma: Trans Fats and Cancer Risks”). In general, fast foods or junk foods represent empty calorie based food items. In this regard, empty calorie based foods are regarded as those items containing high proportion of calorie and have deficiency in micro-nutrients like minerals, vitamins, amino acids and fiber among others (Ashakiran and Deepthi 7-15). It can be apparently viewed that junk foods are normally featured as easily accessible, quick and economical substitutes, especially to home-cooked meals (Demand Media, Inc., “Definition of Fast Foods”). In precise, junk food items are quite easy to prepare as well as to consume and are also readily available in abundance as well as in wide range of varieties. They are typically observed to have lesser nutritional value along with comprising greater level of sugar, fat and salt. A few of the common junk foods comprise carbonated drinks, snack foods that are salted and fried food items. It is quite evident in this context that the consumption of fast foods has become one of the major problems for the individuals in today’s modern day context, as this particular social trend causes significant negative effects on the human health and also on the average mortality rate in the societal realm. In response it can be noted that there are certain nations, which have adopted effective actions in order to address and mitigate the aforesaid problem identifiable as a 21st century social lifestyle trend. It is in this context that higher amount of taxes are imposed by governments on fast food...
Various kinds of fast food items that may cause cancer among regular consumers

It can be apparently observed in this similar concern that fast foods or junk foods impose severe impacts upon its regular consumers’ health in terms of serious chronic diseases, such as cancer, tumor, ulcer and many others. As a consequence, regular intake of fast food items has also contributed towards the rising number of instances of diseases such as diabetes mellitus and coronary artery infection among others. By taking into concern the impact of fast or junk foods upon the health of the individuals, it can be affirmed that regular consumption of healthy or nutritious foods has been replaced by the latest food mantra served by many large brands around the globe. With this concern, the research paper intends to analyze the various kinds of fast food items and other food items that may cause cancer among regular consumers. Moreover, the average quantity consumption of fast food that can lead to cancer has also been researched in this paper. Accordingly, certain solutions or preventive measures have been suggested in the research paper that can be beneficial in mitigating the increasing number of cancer patients in the worldwide context.

From the above analysis, it can be affirmed that there are different sorts of fast food products, which may cause high cancer risks among its regular consumers. This disease might appear in the form of liver, breast and prostate cancers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Various Kinds of Fast Food Items That May Cause Cancer Among Regular Essay.
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