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The Basis of Life on the Planet: Genetically Modified Foodstuffs - Research Paper Example

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The paper describes the utilization of natural and beneficial food, assimilating natural products; significantly their food value is conserved in natural form. Findings through research lay distinction on the fact that consumers must be aware of the kind of foodstuff they are consuming…
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The Basis of Life on the Planet: Genetically Modified Foodstuffs
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Extract of sample "The Basis of Life on the Planet: Genetically Modified Foodstuffs"

Download file to see previous pages Genetically modified foodstuff is a matter of concern across the globe. European Commission has recommended mandatory labeling for genetically modified foodstuffs for as small as 1% of the ingredients that it contains. On the other hand, USA does not have any mandatory labeling prerequisite (Debate: Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods). It is imperative for the customer to have an idea what they are consuming and what percentage of genetic modification the product possesses. Advocates and arguments of not putting the label emphasize that there is no established health risk for genetically modified foodstuff. On the other hand, if labels are put on the genetically modified foodstuffs then any disease or ailment will be related to the genetically modified foodstuffs, may or may not it has any role in the ailment (Debate: Mandatory labeling of genetically modified foods). Although, humans have generated cross breeds for various crop plants to get a superior variety of foodstuffs, today the situation has taken a different turn in the sense that what used to be in a natural manner and natural crossbreed has not been done in a planned manner and targeted genes are altered. This targeted approach led to the process of transgenesis which is a genetic manipulation done in an artificial manner. These genes may find expression in some different cells because of the flanking ends. This is a dangerous condition for genetically modified food items (Examples of Genetically Modified Crops). ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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The Basis of Life on the Planet: Genetically Modified Foodstuffs Research Paper - 1.
“The Basis of Life on the Planet: Genetically Modified Foodstuffs Research Paper - 1”, n.d.
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