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The potential for gaining weight is higher when work is for a night shift rather than day and evening shift - Essay Example

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Weight gain is primarily associated with the amount of food intake. Substantial weight gain however can be linked to a variety of biological factors in addition to food intake. The biological issues are naturally relative to the human anatomical set and the corresponding physiological functioning…
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The potential for gaining weight is higher when work is for a night shift rather than day and evening shift
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Extract of sample "The potential for gaining weight is higher when work is for a night shift rather than day and evening shift"

Download file to see previous pages Conventionally, the innate biological clock have more often been overlooked and set aside by its anatomic owner because of changes in lifestyle, and because of economic developments which is now more of intensified productivity to cope with increasing demand. Consequently, organizational operations maybe 24/7, which requires at most 3 different sets of workers. So, there are those that are assigned to day shift. There are also separate set of workers assigned for the evening shift. And, another set is assigned for the night shift.
The workers assigned for the day shift are the most likely set of people who obeys the law of nature in terms of meeting the number of hours for rest at a particular time of the night that the body has been accustomed to while growing up. Thus, given that the same set of people eats at regular interval, a balance diet, then, biological physiologic functions of the body can be presumed to run normal as well as body size and weight. Conversely, the potential for gaining weight is higher when work is for a night shift rather than day and evening shift. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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The Potential for Gaining Weight Is Higher When Work Is for a Night Essay.
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