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That is because my total fat intake for each day, regardless of the meal size or type of meal, was always at a normal and controllable level. I believe…
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Personal Dietary Analysis Two
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2.i. b Seeing my fat intake covering the days of Sunday to Wednesday, I would have to say that I actually feel very good about myself. That is because my total fat intake for each day, regardless of the meal size or type of meal, was always at a normal and controllable level. I believe that the major factor that contributed to the positive fat intake results had a lot to do with my self discipline and conscious effort to eat healthy even when those around me enticed me with highly fattening food stuff.
2.i. c
I actually did well in keeping with the suggested target recommendations of the food tracker website. I was always either within the limits or under the target limit. However, I somehow overshot the daily limits pertaining to the total calories, saturated fat, and cholesterol intake. I believe that was an accidental occurrence as I would never willingly go over my target limitations per day. The target daily limit for cholesterol was set at 300 mg and I overshot it at 426 mg. I also went over the saturated fat limit of 10 percent. I clocked in at a maximum of 12 percent instead.
The AMDR for carbohydrates is actually 130 g and I consumed 322 g while the percentage of carbohydrate calories clocked in at 45-65 % with me consuming 49 percent of calories. I actually feel good about these results because I was able to prove that my metabolism actually burns the carbohydrates that I consume in a day. I felt very happy and satisfied knowing that I can easily lose weight if I want to because my metabolism is working just fine.
The target grain consumption for my daily time period was 7 ounces. Since I averaged 10 ounces per meal, I was over the target by 3 percent for that particular time frame. While the vegetable consumption was targeted at 3 cups and I consumed 2 1/4 cups which was within the acceptable limits of my 2200 Calorie allowance. MY maximum daily fruit allowance was supposed to be only 2 cups but I often overshot and ended up eating about 2 1/2 cups of fruit instead. That was not a problem at all since fruits are very healthy for the body and actually help in the digestion of my food and increase in my metabolism.
The suggested daily fiber intake for me was set at 26 g but I only managed to consume 23 g which was just alright for my target group. I am actually quite pleased with myself as I was able to get that close to the target daily intake considering that I was constantly watching my food intake. I believe that was a job well done on my part because I was able to consume the right amount of fiber in a day that would result in better health practices for me.
The target protein intake for me on a daily basis is 46 g or 10 - 30% of proteins. Since proteins allow me to have the energy that I need to complete the rest of my daily activities, I do not feel bad about overshooting the target. In fact, the website also believes that I consumed just the right amount of proteins as well because I always seem to end up burning the food that I eat.
As for my dairy groups, my target intake on a daily basis was a mere 3 cups with me consuming only 1 3/4 cup per day. That was fine with me because I am not really a fan of dairy products so anytime that I can consume any of it is a blessing for me. In the meantime, my protein daily intake was supposed to be set at 6 ounces daily but I managed to overshoot that target by 2 ounces, averaging 8 ounces per day. A worrisome situation for me because protein is not something that my body needs a lot of in order to remain strong and physically active. But since I consume too much of it, I must learn to control my cravings for protein instead.
My target Calcium intake is a mere 1300 a day. But somehow I ended up consuming only 1055 mg per day. Although that intake is within the mandatory limits, I feel that I could have pampered myself better if I had drank the full 1400 a day. I was really expecting more in terms of my Calcium intake since I augmented my daily milk drink I also take calcium pills to pick up the slack that the other vitamins have not heard about. I guess I will need to rethink my strategy and perhaps take dedicated calcium pills so that I can somehow honestly try to reach the target Calcium allowance.
2. v.
Most alarming to me is the fact that I constantly overshot my daily Sodium allowance. Meaning that instead of consuming a manageable 2300 g of sodium. Instead, I received 4580 mg in Sodium based foods on a daily basis. I am deeply saddened by my overshooting of the target daily allowance as I know that too much Sodium intake such as in this case, could pile up and eventually lead to certain kidney problems for me. Therefore, I must make a conscious effort to only eat low Sodium foods so that I can stay within healthy limits in terms of my food tripping habit. Read More
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