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Environmental science question - Essay Example

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Environmental Science Question Name Institution Environmental Science Question 7.1 Should the government give farmers economic incentives to switch from pesticide use to Integrated Pest Management? How might that work? The United States government should continue with integrated pest management (IPM) education as opposed to the introduction of the incentives…
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Environmental science question
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Download file to see previous pages Additionally, the government must consider that very many people or farmers are opposed to the idea of incentives; thus, it would be proper if for the government to abolish the idea completely. Notably, if the government introduces the incentive plan to farmer, it is lively to fail since many farmers will not join such schemes. 2. Why are people willing to accept the hazards of certain activities (such as smoking) but not of other activities (such as radiation from nuclear testing)? Certain hazards are bearable while others are not. The hazards can be controlled by human being and targeted only to the personals initiating them are considered bearable; hence, for instance, smoking is a single person driven and it cannot affect a vast are or many people at once. On the other hand, hazards related to nuclear testing may be unbearable since the radiation emitted from the same are likely to affect a vast area and may last for quite some period (Chiras, 2013). Therefore, nature oriented hazards may be out of control of human control; thus, it is always advisable that the same must be avoided at all costs. Moreover, such nature related hazards may affect other thing or natural resources, environment, and human nature as it could have been the original intension. 8.1. Discuss the negative effects of pollutants on crops, forests, and other materials. The effects of pollution vary enormously depending on the source of such population and the area it pollutes. However, plants and crops are affected majorly from air pollution. Dust pollution is usually generated from bear grounds, quarries, and cement works among other industrial activities usually affects crops and other materials from the surface. Other than blocking sun rays, the dust usually blocks stomata thereby hindering their carbon dioxide conductance; hence, interfering with plant or crops’ photosystem II. Pollutant gases like sulphur dioxide and oxides of nitrogen usually interfere with the growth and development of plants and crops in different ways. For instance, the oxides of both metals usually enter the plants’ leaves through the stomata from which they follow the same diffusion pathway as carbon dioxide (Chiras, 2013). The oxides of nitrogen then dissolves in the cells giving rise to nitrite ions and nitrate ions that interferes with nitrogen metabolism as opposed to if they could have been absorbed through the plants’ roots. Additionally, sulphur di-oxide usually causes stomata closure leading to withering of the plants especially crops. 2. Discuss the attributes of successful recycling programs. Many recycling programs usually fail because of poor recycling or recycling container design. Therefore, effective recycling programs can only be achieved by first specifying the intended material or materials to be recycled before purchasing such materials or containers. Moreover, such containers must be designed properly and must be ergonomically correct. Nonetheless, the recycling containers must also be designed with several but relevant considerations in mind. Other than the recycling container, recycling program will only be successful if the program first consider and understand the type of the material they intend to recycle (Chiras, 2013). ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Environmental Science Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words)
Environmental Science Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
“Environmental Science Question Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words”, n.d.
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