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THE NERVOUS SYSTEM NAME INSTITUTION DATE From the practical conducted, it is clear that blowflies lay their eggs on decaying material, such as the carcasses of dead animals. Larvae hatch from eggs and this is a temperature dependent process. Larvae – the maggots - have an outer cuticle and an inner epithelia basement membrane (Sawin, Harris, Campos, & Sokolowski, 1994, p…
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Nervous system
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"Nervous system"

Download file to see previous pages In connection to the practical with the central nervous system of maggots, it is significant to note that Maggots have one unique feature: that is they keep on recycling especially when it comes to their neurons. Equipped with a nervous system that helps them to crawl and feed, they change into intricate animals with sophisticated behaviors and sensory system such as flying and walking. Maggots lack motor neurons that can make the transition into adult. During metamorphosis, the neurons start to spread and seek out adult links. In order to understand the central nervous system of a maggot, it is significant to look at the role that hormones play in initiating these intricate behaviors required to molt. Eclosion hormone is an insect neurohormone that makes the larvae to initiate the intricate behaviors required to molt in that it assists in removing an exoskeleton in order to mobilize the needed changes in the entire central nervous system. The nervous system neurons expand from the nerve body. The dendrites and axons are tied together which help conduct and transmit signals. The neurons are categorized as either sensory, interneurons or motor (Brodal, 2010, p. 52). The sensory neurons help in sending information to the central nervous system from external and internal environment. Motor neurons assist in carrying information from the central nervous system to muscles, glands, and organs. Lastly, the interneuron spread signals between sensory and motor neurons. The nervous system of a man has motor neurons, unlike maggots that lack motor neurons thus making them unable to transition into adult. The practical conducted reveals that the Maggots have three major sensory receptors, which link with three major ganglia or collection of nerve tissue, which enable the larva to sense their environment and move to food sources. Maggots can respond to odor, temperature, moisture, and chemicals. These sensory organs allow maggots to be attached to or repelled from specific environments. Sensory organs are normally excitable cells that allow information transmission to occur (Sawin, Harris, Campos, & Sokolowski, 1994, p. 355). In connection to the nervous system, it comprises of the spinal cord, intricate network of neurons and the brain. This system is very important in that it helps in receiving, sending, and conceptualizing data from all parts of the body. Further, just like discovered in the practical, the nervous system reacts to transformation in the outside environment, and helps monitor and coordinate internal work of body organs. The spinal cord has nerves that assist in transmitting information from body organs and outside environment to the brain and directs data from the brain to the rest of the body. The spinal cord nerves are fiber like that travel in two distinct manners. Descending nerves carry data concerning the motor function from the brain to other body parts. The ascending nerves transmit data from the body to the brain (Brodal, 2010, p. 89). In order to aid their movement, the maggot can respond to light since they have photoreceptors on their heads and can move towards light, known as positive photo taxis. First instar animals have negative photaxic responses and third instars are positive phototaxic in nature. The rate of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Nervous System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words. https://studentshare.org/biology/1468077-nervous-system.
“Nervous System Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d. https://studentshare.org/biology/1468077-nervous-system.
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Pathophysiology of the Nervous System
The patient is lying on the floor with arms curled tightly towards his chest and his head back ached while his eyes are rolling back with a fixed gaze. On the other hand, the patient’s mouth is open and his facial muscles are visibly pulled back tight. Generally the presenting symptoms of nervous system disorders depend on the area of nervous system affected as well as the cause of such disorders.
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Automatic Nervous System
Age- related changes and environmental temperature play a significant role in the sympathetic vasoconstriction effect of the autonomic nervous system. Actually, the episodes of fainting when he stands is normally seen in the elderly upon suddenly arising from a reclining or sitting position as long as the average decrease in the blood pressure is just around 20 mmHg of the systolic BP, or 10 mmHg of the diastolic BP, and 10% to 20% increase in heart rate.
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Central Nervous System Depressent Drugs
The drugs are potent and can have adverse affects to different systems, including the cardiac system, thus leading to death when improperly used. Heath Ledger’s death is an example of the abuse of CNS depressants as his heart stopped when the drugs were misused.
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Pathophysiology of the Nervous System
The case emerges from a situation when a 78- year old male starts behaving abnormally in a local restaurant and is reported as being in a highly agitated condition. He is seen pacing up and down, bearing a restless and agitated demeanor, and seems to be unable to sit still though the staff members of the restaurant and the friends of the person were trying to settle him down.
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The Autonomic Nervous System
Therefore, the autonomic nervous system controls the involuntary activities of the smooth muscles and several undertakings o the glands. It forms a component of the peripheral nervous system and can be subdivided into two categories. These include the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. In all these categories are comprised of effector neurons which connect the central nervous system top their effector organs.
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Nervous System Anatomy Senses
A. Corresponding to the position of an optic disc, blind spot is a minute portion of the visual field of human eye within the retina. This area cannot detect any images as it does not have any photoreceptors (Dean, Rosen, Mathe,
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The Sensory Nervous System
The central nervous system comprises of the brain and the spinal cord, whereas the peripheral nervous system includes the spinal nerves and cranial nerves. The PNS essentially acts as a channel to relay sensory impulses
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Autonomic Nervous System
The nervous system exists in our body to regulate the involuntary actions like heart beat and breathing by transmitting motor impulses to the organs responsible for carrying out those
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Human Nervous System
As the author of the essay puts it, the Central Nervous System form the major portion of the nervous system and includes both the brain as well as the spinal cord. Furthermore, some classifications of the Central Nervous System also include retina and the cranial nerves as part of the Central Nervous System.
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Nervous System Research
The cortical columns or modules are usually more in mammals than they are in invertebrate nervous system where they are compartmentalized during construction. In most cases, during
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