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DNA fingerprinting - Essay Example

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DNA FINGERPRINTING Name University DNA FINGERPRINTING DNA which is the Deoxyribonucleic acid is basically a chemical structure that makes chromosomes, one piece of chromosome which shows one specific trait is known as gene. DNA is basically double helix and it is made up of two strands of genetic material which is spiraled around one another .Chemically DNA structure of everyone is the same however the order of base pairs differs in human beings and animals…
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DNA fingerprinting
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Extract of sample "DNA fingerprinting"

Download file to see previous pages It helps in identification of an identity with full confirmation (Brinton, K., & Lieberman, K).Scientists use the unique markers, match them up in order to form a permanent fingerprint. It is useful in obtaining the identification needs and it also helps in providing information in case of missing people. We can find out through the samples that they belong to one person, related people or non related people. There are various forms of DNA fingerprinting which includes Southern Blot, through which scientists analyze the genetic pattern which is a part of a person’s DNA. In it the isolation of DNA from rest of the cellular material is done followed by cutting the DNA into several pieces and then gel electrophoresis is done and finally the blotting of the DNA is done (National Health Museum). Another kind of fingerprinting includes Restriction fragment polymorphism which analyzes the lengths of the strands of DNA. Polymerase chain reaction was used in laboratories for hereditary authentication. Amplified fragment length polymorphism is also an important kind of fingerprinting. The most widely used kind of DNA fingerprinting is the short tandem repeat method which helps in extracting the DNA. ADVANTAGES AND APPLICATION OF DNA FINGERPRINTING: DNA fingerprinting helps in determining Paternity and maternity, as a person inherits the VNTRS from his mother and father that’s why it helps in finding biological parents. It also helps in finding personal identification. the fingerprints which are formed from the genetic bar codes helps in identifying individuals. It is very important in criminal suspects and criminal identifications. DNA material which is from blood, hair, skin cells and other genetic proofs are available at the crime scene. These DNA fingerprinting is thus helpful in finding the criminals, guilty people and the innocent people. DNA fingerprinting also helps in testing for the ethnicity. Overall the tests are very helpful in finding deceased people identification (Benefits & Limites of DNA Fingerprinting) It is a very helpful method in finding bodies and identifications of soldiers who are killed in wars. It also helps in finding inherited disorders in new born babies and prenatal babies. DISADVANTAGES OF DNA FINGERPRINTING: Fingerprinting process requires proper quality control methods and regulations along with proper standardization in order for it to be accepted universally. There are not many places and labs which can conduct the DNA fingerprinting process well, overall there are only few proper labs who can provide accurate results for DNA fingerprinting. The probability of DNA sequence of being similar is just one in 50 billion which is extremely low. There is also a problem of population genetics as the genetic inheritance are not distributed evenly and they are not the same overall across the human beings. There are few technical difficulties as well in DNA fingerprinting process, It required to be run on various samples and twice. There is another important disadvantage of threat of the results being used for privacy concerns. Complete confidentiality is required and the information should not be shared with anyone except the owner. REFERENCES: Benefits & Limites ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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DNA Fingerprinting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words.
“DNA Fingerprinting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 Words”, n.d.
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