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Beehive extract potential prostate cancer treatment - Essay Example

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Name: Instructor: Task: Date: Beehives extract potential prostate cancer treatment The research outcome at the University of Chicago proved that some extracts from beehives could cure prostrate cancer. The beehives propolises contain compounds called the Caffeine Acid Phenyl Ester, which bees use to seal openings in the hives…
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Beehive extract potential prostate cancer treatment
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Extract of sample "Beehive extract potential prostate cancer treatment"

Download file to see previous pages As a means of determining the side effects of the propolis on the cells, researchers did various experiments by using the traditional and the modern ways. Their aim was to discover the effects of the beehive extract on the initial stages of the prostrate malignancy. As a means of proving that CAPE can stop the spread of cancer, the researchers at the university used mice infected with tumors. They discovered that when CAPE is given to the mice, it inhibits the growth of tumors. Control experiments were also conducted since the researchers ceased giving the compound to the mice. The outcome showed the tumor continued growing after they had stopped giving CAPE to the mice. They also discovered that, the beehive extracts can only stop the growing of tumor, but they do not eliminate the cancer (Jones, Kokontis & Chuu). More studies were carried out to confirm that CAPE is effective. One of these studies was done at the National Research Institutes based in Taiwan. In the research, many lines of cancer were used, and the beehive compound successfully slowed the growth. Even if, the lowest concentration of CAPE was used, it was still be useful in inhibiting the enlargement tumor. The research outcomes also showed that the compound could also hinder the prostrate tumors growth in human beings. If a mice grafted with the human prostrated tumor is given CAPE for six weeks, the amount of prostrate tumor can decrease by half. When the mice stop taking the component, the tumor grows like before. In order to know how CAPE works on the cells to slow them down, the researchers at Taiwan invented a way of measuring the alterations of proteins under certain conditions using the Western blots. They found out that CAPE stops tumor growth by suppressing the protein actions on p70s6 kinase and Akt tracks, which can activate cell growth. Even though, human beings were the focus of the study, mice are mammals and all mammals’ cells have the same characteristics. Hence, the compound can also work on human beings (Jones, Kokontis & Chuu). For effective treatment of prostrate cancer, CAPE together with other treatments is instrumental. For instance, since the compound cannot kill the tumor cells, it works with chemotherapy, which can kill the cells, while CAPE stops further growth of the cells. However, a need arises to conduct more studies concerning the use of the beehive extracts before using it on human beings. Many people have used the compound to treat other diseases, but they dot not know how they work and hence, before bringing it into pharmacies, researchers have to approve it (Jones, Kokontis & Chuu). The beehive extract prevents prostrate cancer by triggering the apoptosis process. The treatment of prostrate cancer through chemotherapy and radiotherapy is widely known. Nevertheless, these methods are not very effective since they kill cells resulting into damaging of the body immune system. Experimental outcomes show that propolis inhibit mutations that are caused by chemical carcinogen. Propolis on Hep-2 cells hinders the proliferation of cells. This can induce cells apoptosis to certain extends (Farooqui & Farooqui 248). Additionally, propolis affects cycle of cells at a phase called G1 to S phase transition. Its effects are equally apparent at the transition phase of S phase to the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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