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A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Malpractices - Research Paper Example

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This paper examines Malala’s life and demonstrated various societal norms that dominate in Swat valley and other communities in Pakistan. This paper outlines a brief description of Malala’s life, her interests and malpractices she fought for, the hurdles she endeavored, and her achievements…
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A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Malpractices
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Extract of sample "A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Malpractices"

Download file to see previous pages Malala started to speak her views and insights about education rights in September 2008 at a local press club. Along with her life, Malala applied her charisma by promoting and campaigning rights to education and for women, particularly in the Swat valley. She was against banning girls’ education in the Swat valley by the Taliban. One of her celebrated philosophy was the blog she wrote in early 2009 under a pseudonym for the BBC (Yousafzai 67). In the blog, she outlined a description of her life under Taliban rule, the Taliban attempts to control the valley and her perception of various issues, especially on education and women rights. The second battle of Swat erupted in the next summer when a New York journalist was filming a documentary about her life and current educational crisis along the valley.

Threats did not frustrate her efforts, but rather she rose in prominence and give out interviews in prints and on television, which earned her the International Children’s Peace prize nomination by South African activist known as Desmond Tutu. The assassination attempts in October 2012 by the Taliban to kill the young activist and her father generated a global concern of her life, which created fame, admiration and somehow increased threats on her life. To this end, great writers defined Malala as the most famous teenager in the world. Other articles featured her as one of the most influential people in the world. Later a UN Special Envoy for Global Education launched a UN petition by the name “I am Malala”. The petition, regardless of culture and national policies, advocated all children to be in school by year-end 2015. The year 2013 marked a year full of successes and awards. She was nominated as first Pakistan’s National Youth Peace prizewinner and elected as the winner for Nobel peace prize in both 2013 and in 2014. The nomination shocked the world since she was at the age of 16 years and the first girl nominated for it. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Research Paper, n.d.)
A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Research Paper.
(A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Research Paper)
A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Research Paper.
“A Brief Description of Malala Yousafzais Life, Interests and Research Paper”.
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