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This paper tries to make a comparison between the two articles: it provides brief summaries of both articles then compares the two. Both articles take a totally different turn but a keen focus in both results to the recognition of the similarities amid them…
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A Comparison Between the Two Articles: Inspiration to the World
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Extract of sample "A Comparison Between the Two Articles: Inspiration to the World"

The article “Get out of the House More Often” by Jim Wallis and “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai both provide inspiration to the world, despite having different purposes. Both articles take a totally different turn but a keen focus in both results to recognition of the similarities amid them. This paper tries to make a comparison between the two articles: it provides brief summaries of both articles then compares the two.
“Get out of the House More Often” by Jim Wallis
In this article, Jim Wallis begins by quoting a verse from the bible (Mathew 5: 13-14):
“You are the salt of the earth… you are the light to the world…” (Wallis, p.34)
Actually, the idea that Wallis depicts in this article rotates around this verse. Wallis’ main idea is that when an individual gets out of his usual life confinements and gives the outside world a positive outlook then they are bound to recognize so many aspects that are worth changing to make the world a better place. He, for instance, explains the transformations that people such as his parents, his wife, John Fife, and Joe Nangle had in their life after they decided to go into the outside world and put efforts into making a change. Generally, to prove his point, Wallis cites several instances where people have made efforts to help the poor and the distressed have better lives. He believes that regularly getting to the outside world, transformed his family’s lives and his life too (Wallis, p.49).
“I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai
In her article, Malala explains how she refused to be silent and struggled to get her right to education. This was after the Taliban took over her home (Swat Valley) in Pakistan. She takes a looks at the mirror and remembers how she paid the price for airing her views. She cannot remember what actually happened on that fateful day; all she knows is that she got shot (Yousafzai, and Lamb, p.408). Malala's recovery from the gun shot however seems to have taken her to an extraordinary journey to the United Nations halls in New York from the remote Swat Valley in Pakistan. At sixteen she has become the Nobel Peace Prize world’s youngest candidate, and an international icon of peaceful protest (Yousafzai, and Lamb, p.409). Her article is an incredible tale of how her family got uprooted by international terrorism, of the struggle to girl’s right to education, and of parents who love their daughter so much in a society where sons are prized.
These two articles have different purposes but compare a lot. For instance, Wallis believes that taking a step in getting out of the world to assist, inspire, motivate and unite people does not only change the world, but also tremendously transform’s one’s life. He actually implies that by assisting the world, one ensures hope to people. This compares to Malala’s case: despite all odds she has managed to motivate, unite and inspire the world, through bravely standing out to support education for girls and condemn terror activities. By standing out, Malala became a global icon of peaceful protest. She left the confinements of her life and decided to face the outside world, thus apart from saving many Pakistan girls, her life received tremendous transformation.
Generally, Malala’s efforts are like a demonstration and example of Wallis’ ideas. Changing the world through individual efforts can greatly transform an individual’s life. With such sacrifice, an individual’s actions (like in Malala’s case) can be powerful enough to inspire the world to change, since the world is made to believe that despite all the problems, trying to eradicate them promises a better future.
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