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The church is known as Hill Congregational Church in the Rev. Samuel Whittlesey House (1808), and John Ferris House that is in the village which is build with stone. …
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New Preston Village
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Square Village New preston Village type: model village Region: United s etymology:
Square 2
Village timeline: its 10, 000 years old.
Colonized in 1741
In 1753 New preston Ecclesiastical society was established.
April 1778 General assembly was integrated to a town.
In 1872 was arrival of railroad and 1948 it stopped operations.
1970 the village had became diminutive.
1990s the village made in picturesque in hosting of vistors.
Square 3
Village plan: total area is 2020.19 hactares; 0.5 square mile is water and the rest is land.
There is a river which is running through the centre of the village. It also passes over the New Preston falls.
It has narrow valleys and steep hills.
Square 4. population is 1110
1.82 %
Square 5 Demographics
There is 439 households and 303 families in this village.
Racial make up is whites= 97.84%, African Americans 0.36%, native Americans 0.09%, Asian 0.18%, others races 1.43% and latino were 1.17 % of the population.
Children under 18 made 30.3%
Married couples 60.6%
Non families 30.8 %
Female householder 5.9%
Under age 23.4%
18-24 years 5.3 %
25-44 years 26.6%
45-65 years 27.7 %
65 years and above 17.0%
Square 6 housing type
Detached 41%
Semi detached 24%
Terraced 30%
Flat 3
Others 2
Square 7 housing tenure
Owned out right 60
Owned mortgaged 22%
Rental social 5%
Rented private 10%
Others 23%
Square 8 housing prices
The average house price is $36,566
Square 9
2.8 miles
Square 10
11.1 miles
Square 11 predominant housing sytle
Decorative motives.
Square 12 predominant building material
Square 13
No village green
Square 14
the church is known as Hill Congregational Church in the Rev. Samuel Whittlesey House (1808), and John Ferris House that is in the  village which is build  with stone.
Square 15
The village have no large hall for meetings except the church where they meet mostly to worship.   
Square 16
There is no pub in the village.
Square 17
There are shops CBD New Preston Shops and are made of stone
Square 18
There is a sign in the entrance to the village.
Square 19
The village contains no pond or well but there is lakes. 
Square 20
The New Preston village have only two main roads in which are known as U.S. Route 202 and Connecticut Route 45. Read More
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