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Thomas Hobbes thinks that nature is a case whereby people live within a common power that gives them direction and that without nature, individuals are likely to be exposed to war or what in common terms can be referred to as conflict on interests. According to Hobbes, war is of…
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Argument( debate/dialogue) and response paper between two person
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Thomas Hobbes thinks that nature is a case whereby people live within a common power that gives them direction and that without nature, individuals are likely to be exposed to war or what in common terms can be referred to as conflict on interests. According to Hobbes, war is of man against man as they try to better their conditions in life and society in general. Every man sees himself as having a natural right in terms of liberty (King 649).
Aristotle on the other hand, sees nature in terms of motion, place and time. It is the place and time that an event occurred that determines how first it would take place (Curren 106). In cases where there is no motion, then change in terms of development cannot be experienced as people are likely to oppose it. For there to be motion there has to be a causing agent that brings about the motion and the driving force behind the motion.
Aristotle sees polis as a village that had reached a state of full sufficiency and one that existed for the sake of bringing good to the society and those in it. He sees it as an association that has come into being because of nature, and that nature brought with it consummation. Polis is grouped into things that existed in nature and that it had come into being because of nature (Curren 38). Those who are not members of polis are seen as being clan-less and lawless and therefore heartless to everyone as they are self-centered putting their interests first (Kostas 84).
Hobbes on the other hand sees the polis as a political setting where politicians perfect their skills. Life in the polis is like that of a kingdom headed by a king, and authority is centered on the palace. Given the fact that the king is in charge of everything, there is no political liberty in the polis, and the residents are forced to live a private life (King 403). The decisions made by the king are absolute and final. Subjects are only allowed to participate in the formation of social mores on a less democratic basis. According to Hobbes, the polis is unnatural as it is created by those who own it. It is something that had been created hence not natural.
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