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Highway 62. This magnificent architectural work was designed by E. Fay Jones in the late 1970s and opened for service in 1980 (Berger et al 117-121). Since…
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Thorncrown Chapel
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College: Thorncrown Chapel Architectural Hermeneutics Thorncrown chapel is situated on the slopes of Ozark Mountains, west of Eureka Springs, and only a few kilometers from U.S. Highway 62. This magnificent architectural work was designed by E. Fay Jones in the late 1970s and opened for service in 1980 (Berger et al 117-121). Since then it has repeatedly been acknowledged as an outstanding architectural piece in the modern day. The glass walls, flagstone floor, and wild wood make the building the perfect structure in a forest setting but different from the sacred designs of catholic cathedral, hence the need to identify the architectural hermeneutics in Jones designs.
Comparing two researches concerning the impasse on the hermeneutic of sacred building from the building itself, opposed to culture, social and personal understandings. According to Berger, hermeneutic of sacred architecture ought to reflect in the architect’s signs and symbols themselves (98). Thorncrown chapel glass wall gives the people inside the outdoor feeling unlike the regular church setting. Moreover, acknowledging church as a heaven icon, Thorncrown frequent more tourist than worshipers. It has become a stop point to millions of visitors each year. Additionally, the number of wedding bookings in Thorncrown increase day in day out. The image of redemption, divine energy, Gods present and glow as portrayed in Catholic Church is reduced into a feeling of nature.
In consideration of hermeneutic approach that might solve Jones’ lack of architectural hermeneutics in his designs, practice will involve implementation of hermeneutic architectural symbols and archetypes by the earlier architects mentioned in “Sacred Space” (Berger et al 117-121). These symbols can be referred as the sacramental use of architecture knowledge in providing the optimal heavenly touch.
Work cited
Berger, Robert, and Willis, Alfred, and Starr, Kevin. Sacred Space. Glendale: Balcony Press, 2003. Print. Read More
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