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Ancient Roman Architecture - Essay Example

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In the paper “Ancient Roman Architecture” the author analyzes Roman Architecture, which follows the general lines of the Greek, with significant changes.  The temple is no longer the typical building; equally important are civic buildings, law courts, amphitheaters…
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Ancient Roman Architecture
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"Ancient Roman Architecture"

Download file to see previous pages The Etruscans inspired the pedestal or podium below the early Temple of Jupiter Capitolinus in 509 B.C. The true arch may or may nit have come to Rome from Etruria, but both peoples often used the corbel arch and both liked decorative terra cotta. The Punic wars I and II, during the third century B.C., brought Rome into contact with Greek culture of southern Italy and Sicily; and with the conquest of Corinth, in 146 B.C., Rome subjugated Greece itself. From the Hellenistic and later Greeks, the Romans adopted the orders of architecture but modified them. They added a base to the Doric column and lightened its proportions to eight lower diameters in height. They joined the volutes of the Ionic capital with straight lines instead of the delicate Greek curves. The Corinthians was their favorite order. To the three Greek orders they added the Tuscan, a simplified version of the
Structurally, the most important innovation of the Roman was the arch, which they used widely although they had not invented it. Next to the post and lintel, arch construction is historically of greatest importance. An arch is made of wedge-shaped stones that are arranged with the small side of the wedge turned down toward the opening. When the stones have been put in place by means of scaffolding or centering, their shape keeps them from falling, just like in the aqueduct of Segovia. Each stone of the arch, by its weight, exerts constant pressure on the stones an each side of it and the arch is held in position only by an exact balancing of these pressures. If that balance is upset, the arch collapses. As an old Arabic proverb has it “An arch never sleeps (The World Book Encyclopedia, p.640).” ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Roman-like about Romanesque architecture
The simple design of a large rectangular space, called the nave, flanked by aisles, with an apse and transept was adopted later by Christians to accommodate large numbers of worshippers, and perhaps also because of the symbolism of the cross in its ground plan.
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Roman Architecture and Engineering. Roman Civilization was technologically most advanced civilizations of its time and the technology they developed was used very effectively in engineering and architecture. The Roman architecture is based on the lifestyle the Romans adopted and the technological advances they achieved.
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Ancient Greece Architecture
The Ancient Greek Culture, especially its art and architecture, greatly flourished and reached its peak on the mainland of Greece, in Peloponnesus, the Aegean Islands and in Italy and Asia Minor (present-day Turkey). In these locations, many beautiful pieces of Greek buildings and designs can be found.
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Public Architecture of the Roman Empire
The basis of concrete was pozzolana, a chocolate-colored volcanic earth mostly found near the Greek settlement of Puteoli. Later on it was also discovered in vast quantities around Rome. The period of Roman architecture began from the establishment of the Republic in 509 BC till the the capital of the Empire was changed from Rome to Eastern Empire in Constantinople in 330 AD.
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The Roman Empire Research Paper
The empire had well designed amphitheaters, circuses and theaters that hosted various social events and entertainment centers. Theaters were special points for viewing various forms of plays, while the amphitheaters served as action centers for the gladiators.
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Ancient Mesopotamian Architecture
It happened from time immemorial and today, more structures are in place. Traditionally, considerable design and building was witnessed in Mesopotamia. Mesopotamia is the land between two rivers, Tigress and Euphrates. The Egyptians ways of constructions stand up to be remembered in the minds of historians.
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Roman Architecture
The author of the paper dwells upon the issue of Roman architecture characteristics. The idea of how the shape of the Colosseum was created is provided. Namely, amphitheaters are large arenas built to hold games and spectacles of a large magnitude which are circular or elliptical in shape to allow the audience to view the spectacles from a closer range.
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Greek and Roman Architecture and Chartres Cathedral
Their architecture represents their powerful and expressive cultural and religious beliefs. Greeks and Romans are known in the history for their superior architecture. Greeks developed a unique architecture
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Ancient Greek Architecture
Hellenic people have introduced their culture in Greece along with the ancient Greek architecture. Before the beginning of the archaic period geometrical designs were the most famous patterns of the era, but with the rise of the archaic period those geometrical patterns were beautifully replaced by naturalistic patterns.
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